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Band Name Truemurrdoom
Album Name VO%Ecstasy
Type Demo
Released date February 2012
Labels Dark Front
Music StyleDrone
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1. VO%Ecstasy 52:36
Total playing time 52:36

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Comment @ Aneksunamun

07 June 2012

This album seems to attract and keep listeners up to the last second

A sharp gust. Metal garage door is closed, hiding the sky. With the clack turn on one by one long lamps, flickering with the ghastly light. You can hear somewhere, far away, a growing noise of unknown origin. You want to know what is this place, don't you? Well, welcome to hell!

Perhaps it's the brightest imaginary picture, showing in front of my eyes when I hear the opening chords of this creation. Which don't really fit in with the word "ecstasy", of course, but it still seems very strong. What you will hear on the speakers or headphones if you want to get acquainted with this album, if desired, can be anything. The musicians are not trying hard, as it happens in the vast majority of cases, to give you some kind of certain concept, like: "Look, this is what we meant to say, this and that", which is recurrently tiring, they simply provide material and listener himself or herself decides what is the content of the album to him or her.

It’s like you are logging in to play in this world, and you seem to be told: "So you’re finally here, yeah? Well, dude, now listen to me. Entrance is there. You’re not allowed to touch anything, is it clear? You can go sightseeing only on your own, because the guide does not work on Sundays. Except for a fee. Don’t you have a redundant soul? No? Then come on, go, don’t hang about here".

That's all. The long corridor, similar to metro station ends, and you go out into the light. Or at least something that resembles the light. The deserted streets of the city are dimly lit, but clearly not by sunshine. The sun never looks at this place in an empty world, where there is neither joy nor sorrow, a haven for lost souls, not guilty and not righteous, but who will never see the sun again. There is only the wind, neither cold nor warm, neither quick nor calm, it is musty and a bit frightening to the inhabitants of this place. This wind carries echoes from the nine circles of hell, echoes of torment of those who denied the light and did not wish to accede to it. But here is so quiet. There is nothing here, except the weak voices of ghostly inhabitants. Maybe here was once a bustling metropolis, full of life, day and night, hidden. But now that time is gone. Now you can find here only wreckage and weak traces of the past, traces of the old pleasures and memories, shadows of the past that are still alive, but which are better not to be disturbed. It’s so calm in here…

You go along shady streets, and what at first seemed scary, ceases to be such. Low guitar riffs similar to the awesome gusts, occasionally accompanied by quiet, almost ephemeral sounds of human voices. All this atmosphere doesn’t foreshadow nor hell drum battle nor the eerie howl of vocalists, which could have been expected at the beginning. It's just a complicated canvas of mood, similar to scary novels by Stephen King, and as well, as them, incredibly attractive. This album seems to attract and keep listeners up to the last second. If their ears will be able to withstand it, of course.

Are you scared? Doesn’t your blood slowly freeze in the veins? Maybe it's because your ears are not accustomed to this kind of experiments. When you’ll get used to this, this stuff won’t seem senseless cacophony to you anymore, and it will become a solid canvas, where you'll see anything you wish like on an abstract picture.

Of course, there is something unusual in this work, and my assessment focused not on the technical qualities of the album (though they certainly are good), but on the main ideas and mood of this album. I've never heard something similar to this album, and, to my mind, it can be even called a masterpiece.

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