Until the Die Is Cast

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Band Name Kadavrik
Album Name Until the Die Is Cast
Type Album
Released date 2008
Labels Self-Produced
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1. Cryophobia
2. Icecold Winter´s Grave
3. Above the Weak
4. The Voice Beside
5. Dyster
6. Baptised in Alcohol
7. Thin and Frail
8. Alive with Nothingness
9. The Die Is Cast

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Review @ dranoel

27 November 2010
KADAVRIK sound refreshing and got the right touch for catchy tunes, which do not need kitschy melodies at all. The fascination is caused by rapid speed, loosened by effective calm breaks.

What’s the result of this tactics? Many melodic neck breakers in at first sight simple style show up on this felicitous album. Sometimes the musicians can’t contain their enthusiasm like during the fast-as-an-arrow unleashed track Above The Weak. The predecessor Icecold Winter's Grave knows how to elate with a staccato refrain.
The variable tune The Voice Beside is boosted by decent modern elements, ingenious guitar solos and some mosh-parts.
Some keyboards show up in unobtrusive manner and battle with filigree guitar work during the well placed instrumental Dyster.
In further course, outstanding guitar melodies and catchy refrains dominate the scenery, accompanied by the one or other galloping measure and parts to bang one’s head. In all, the band focuses on unleashed melodic franticness.
Afterwards, KADAVRIK speed on a little bit more, but for God’s or the Devil’s sake the enormous tempo of Alive With Nothingness does not end up in chaotic cudgeling. Finally, a massive lumbering concluding part steamrolls the last disbelievers :)
This track is followed by the downright hit Baptized In Alcohol, a real battle hymn. In this case, the fists have a stretch towards the sky automatically and the infected neck starts to rotate obsessively. That’s the way furious metal has to sound!

The epic punch line The Die Is Cast combines all benefits like powerful speed, melodic leads and groovy catchiness with rapid keyboards and furious guitar play. This one marks a dignified ending of a very cool album!

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