Touch of Gore 2 Way Split

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Band Name Psychotic Sufferance
Album Name Touch of Gore 2 Way Split
Type Split
Released date 2008
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleGrindcore
Members owning this album0


1. Suicidal Seremban
2. Get Kill on the First Date
3. Slit Throat
4. Sadistic Pussy Manglor
5. Proxy Mesln Perang 2
6. Tuan Empunya Anjing Buruan
7. Fecalized Media Hero
8. Zombified
9. Surgery Lover(Raw Shit)
10. Woodoo Dissection
11. Mass Asphyxia
12. Violent Sex with Your Sister
13. Agony in the Filthy Shit
14. Sing with the Devil
15. Surgery Delirium
16. Inhuman Revenge
17. Do You Know the Vomit Smell?
18. Syphillcstrophtococcum
19. Deep Fellathyo
20. Cybershemale Surprise
21. Sperm Substract
22. Piss Trajectory
23. Untitled
24. Untitled

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Psychotic Sufferance


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