The Stomach for It

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Band Name The Bunny The Bear
Album Name The Stomach for It
Type Album
Released date 22 May 2012
Music StyleElectro Metal
Members owning this album13


 All Birds
 This Isn't Why You Made Her
 I'm Scared Now
 It Kills Me

Total playing time: 38:16

Review @ HunterHellish

04 July 2012

One of the best rock/metal albums in a long time!

The Bunny the Bear are back for another round of sexy time and they're certainly not letting up on the mind boggling, yet beautiful, and creative music that made their last album so successful in the underground scene. Their newest offering, The Stomach for It, builds upon the artistic juggernaut that was If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say. There is a lot more song structure and it is clear that The Bunny aka Matt Tybor (who writes all the music) is improving his music writing and very quickly.

The album starts out with Congregation and it shows that the band is so talented, that even their intros sound unique. Sky and All Birds are two high energy, synth driven songs with heavy vocals from Matt and the always gorgeous, spine chilling singing from Chris Hutka aka The Bear. Trying to describe every song on this album would take way too much time and typing seeing as every track on this record is unique in some way, shape, or form. There is however a noticeable increase in heavy passages whether they be low, guttural vocals or punishing breakdowns that make you rethink what genre these guys are even more.

Regarding the instrumental aspect of this masterpiece, the guitars have greatly improved thanks to the addition of Cody Morse as their sole guitarist. There are more complicated riffs and chords, complex time signatures, and maybe even a solo at one point. Steven (just call him Drac) is a terrific bassist with an outrageous stage presence and manages to keep up with all the chaos with little effort which has made him a favorite amongst the crowd showing fans that being a bass player is not always the black sheep of every band. Matt Trozzi is another excellent piece in this sexy puzzle providing catchy drum beats and maybe even a live (and impressive) drum solo if you're at the right show.

To sum up The Stomach for It would be quite as task but if you like creative, strange, artsy, fun, chaotic, catchy, and brutal yet beautiful music played by a bunch of awesome guys. Then get off your ass and buy one of the best albums to hit the Rock/Metal scene of this generation.

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