The Sound of Perseverance

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Band Name Death
Album Name The Sound of Perseverance
Type Album
Released date 15 September 1998
Produced by Morris Jim
Recorded at Morrisound Studios
Music StyleDeath Metal
Members owning this album721


Re-Issue in 2005 by Nuclear Blast with a bonus DVD
Re-Issue in 2011 by Relapse Records with a bonus CD included remastered tracks
1. Scavenger of Human Sorrow 06:54
2. Bite the Pain 04:30
3. Spirit Crusher 06:45
4. Story to Tell 06:34
5. Flesh and the Power It Holds 08:26
6. Voice of the Soul 03:43
7. To Forgive Is to Suffer 05:55
8. A Moment of Clarity 07:23
9. Painkiller (Judas Priest Cover) 06:03
DVD - LIVE IN COTTBUS '98 (Re-Issue 2005)
1. The Philosopher 02:46
2. Spirit Crusher 06:43
3. Trapped in a Corner 04:30
4. Scavenger of Human Sorrow 06:54
5. Together As One 03:11
6. Flesh and the Power It Holds 07:35
7. Drum Solo 02:16
8. Flattening of Emotions 04:11
9. Symbolic 06:19
10. Pull the Plug 05:49
DISC 2 (Re-Issue 2011)
1. Spirit Crusher 06:55
2. Flesh and the Power It Holds 08:22
3. Voice of the Soul 03:30
4. Bite the Pain 04:28
5. A Moment of Clarity 06:38
6. Story to Tell 06:40
7. Scavenger of Human Sorrow 06:49
8. Bite the Pain 04:31
9. Story to Tell 06:37
10. A Moment of Clarity 06:34
DISC 3 (Re-Issue 2011)
DEMOS 1996
1. Bite the Pain (Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals) 04:19
2. Story to Tell (Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals) 06:19
3. A Moment of Clarity (Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals) 06:17
4. Bite the Pain (Paul Payne on Vocals) 04:20
5. A Moment of Clarity (Paul Payne on Vocals) 06:17
6. A Moment of Clarity (Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals) 06:17
7. Story to Tell 06:24
8. Bite the Pain (Shannon Hamm on Vocals) 04:14
9. A Moment of Clarity 05:32
10. Bite the Pain 04:14
11. Story to Tell 06:13
12. Voice of the Soul 03:29
13. A Moment of Clarity 06:12
Total playing time 56:13

Comment @ ObiWan

26 December 2015

The final Death album! Chuck's legacy is a masterpiece!

Chuck Schuldiner was a musical genius. He (and Possessed) created an extremely brutal new music genre: Death Metal. A man with many talents: the greatest, unique voice of Extreme Metal (you understand every word...later he wrote excellent lyrics), he became a technically brilliant guitarist... But the greatest gift: Chuck Schuldiner never released a bad song - but many all-time (Prog)Death Metal classics.
Final Death "The Sound of Perseverance". Technical-Progressive-Death-Metal!
All songs are great. "Spirit crusher", "Scavenger of Human sorrow" and "Flesh and the power it holds" are my favorites. "The voice of the soul" is a emotional, melodic Chuck-Instrumental-Masterpiece. The last track is a killer version of Judas Pries "Painkiller".
Thanks to Chuck for his music...let the Metal flow!

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