The Sadness of Fallen Leaves

Band's List Black Metal Black Jade The Sadness of Fallen Leaves
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Band Name Black Jade
Album Name The Sadness of Fallen Leaves
Type Split
Released date 2014
Music StyleBlack Metal
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1. Twilight
2. Music of the Ainur
3. The Lost Road
4. Black Speech
4. The Return of the Shadow
5. Homeward Bound
6. Intro / The White Town
7. Arien
8. Valinor's Light
9. We Booze in Golden Halls
10. Eärendil
11. Where the Leaves Not Fall
12. A Homeless Shadow (the Dark Legacy of Túrin Turambar)
13. Where Eagles Fly
14. Maedhros's Pain
15. Far Away From Home / Outro

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Black Jade

Uruk-Hai (AUT)