The Hollow

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Band Name Memphis May Fire
Album Name The Hollow
Type Album
Released date 26 April 2011
Labels Rise Records
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album48


 The Sinner
 The Unfaithful
 The Victim
 The Abandoned
 The Deceived
 The Commanded
 The Burden (Interlude)
 The Haunted
 The Reality
 The Redeemed

Total playing time: 41:21

Comment @ JakeDaSnake

08 October 2011

Amazing metalcore album from relatively new band

Memphis May Fire was the very first group at The All-Stars Tour, and are actually a somewhat underground band. They've only come out with two records, this being their first major album. They are considered mostly post hardcore, although I'd consider them metalcore because of the breakdowns and similarities to acts such as The Devil Wears Prada and We Came As Romans. One thing that this band has that those two bands don't, is technicality. This album is actually pretty professional and has great drumming and vocals, not to mention some awesome breakdowns and choruses.

This record pretty much blew me away. I had no idea this band would turn out to be this great. From the first song to the end I enjoyed this album thouroughly. The Sinner captures a lot of intensity and energy. The chorus is exceptional and the vocals are great. The melodies are really awesome too, in every song. One of my favorite melodies is in the chorus of The Unfaithful. The singing is so atmospheric and the guitar harmonies gave me butterflies. The heavy vocals sound really developed as well. The guitars are tuned extremely low, most likely drop G#. Speaking of low tuned guitars, this album also displays some djent ifluences here and there. for those of you who don't know what djent is, it's a term invented by Meshuggah, where the guitars are down tuned and have really complicated chugs and technical moments as well.

Back to the musicianship, I really love the creativity displayed throughout this record. The Victim has an incredible intro riff, and an awesome chorus as well. The guitar parts are never predictable and really keep the music interesting. also, like I said earlier, their drummer is really good, which is usually pretty rare in bands like The Devil Wears Prada. I'm not saying that they're bad, they just usually aren't this creative. This drummer, on the other hand, knows what he's doing, and does it extremely well.

Overall, this album completely kicks ass and is definitely one of my new favorite metalcore acts. Tracks to look out for are pretty much the first five songs. This album deserves at least an 18.5 to 19/20

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