The History of Torture, Execution and Sickness

Band's List Death Grind Hybrid Viscery The History of Torture, Execution and Sickness
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Band Name Hybrid Viscery
Album Name The History of Torture, Execution and Sickness
Type Album
Released date 2006
Music StyleDeath Grind
Members owning this album4


1. Fist Fucking Rules
2. It´s Time for a Beer
3. Contamination of Grindcore
4. Grind Your Head
5. Green Vomit
6. Cannibal Theories
7. Depraved
8. Scrotum Infected
9. The Liquid of My Shit Is on My Ears
10. Listen of My Intestinal Bubbles
11. Double Infectons
12. Testicle Implosion
13. Jeremy's Nausea
14. I Cum in Your Baby's Mouth
15. Valhalla
16. Fuck the Cripple Cops
17. Fear
18. Army of Pussy Land
19. Toxic Pustle
20. No Mercy for
21. Umbilical Cord
22. Anal Deflagration in Your Ugly Face
23. I Cum in Your Babys Mouth
24. Ozone
25. My Cock Is i Nest Verruca
26. No Future for Your Clitoris
27. Feast of Gangrene of Skin
28. Carnal (Vader Cover)
29. Visceral Altar
30. World Is Desolation
31. Kill My Sons
32. Take My Bodies
33. Give Me Your Punishment
34. No Riligion, No Guardian
35. Suck My Frickandel

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