The Great Revival

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Band Name Stuck Mojo
Album Name The Great Revival
Type Album
Released date 28 November 2008
Music StyleNu Metal
Members owning this album13


1. Worshipping a False God
2. 15 Minutes of Fame
3. Friends
4. The Flood
5. Now That You're All Alone
6. There's a Doctor in Town
7. The Fear
8. There's a Miracle Coming
9. Country Road
10. Invincible
11. Superstar Part 1 (The Journey Begins)
12. Superstar Part 2 (The World of Egos and Thieves)

Review @ stormrider

15 November 2008

Since their reactivation in 2005 and after several successful European tours and the release of the album "Southern Born Killers" with their new line-up, STUCK MOJO has reborn as an unstoppable war machine. It is with great excitement that the band is releasing now its sixth album, maybe the most ambitious so far.

Never has STUCK MOJO deserved so well the label of a crossover metal band, by mixing so many genres with such talent. For those following Rich Ward's solo career, it will not be surpRising to find many influences from his solo effort under the name of The Duke. First, the lyrics deal with strong friendship (leading to salvation) and celebrity at all cost (leading to demise). Then, Christine Cook vocals are stronger than ever ("Friends").

Die-hard fans might be lost, but certainly not deceived. "The Great Revival" has its bunch of explosive bombs like the opening track and classic-to-be "15 Minutes of Fame", the heavy and frightening "The Flood" with its symphonic black metal finale, or the furious "The Fear" where Christine Cook's sweetness hardly smoothes the rage of Lord Nelson's vocals and the destructing riffs by Rich Ward. The whole thing mixed by the almighty Andy Sneap and Rick Beato will spare no lives.

Without denying their own southern metal and hip-hop roots, STUCK MOJO manage to redefine the genre they created including new twists of rock, pop ("Superstar"), sometimes gospel and even country (the revisited "Country Road" by John Denver). However, the most striking song is undoubtedly "Now That You're All Alone". This is where you get how Rich Ward's writing is able to evolve to best fit Lord Nelson's specific flow and make one with the groove. That is what STUCK MOJO is and will be.

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