The Darker Side of Nonsense

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Band Name Dry Kill Logic
Album Name The Darker Side of Nonsense
Type Album
Released date 2001
Music StyleHardcore
Members owning this album82


 Feel The Break
 A Better Man Than Me
 Track 13
 Give Up, Give in, Lie Down
 The Strength I Call My Own
 Snap Your Finger's, Snap Your Neck

Total playing time: 43:01

Review @ An_Unspoken_Slave

05 August 2012

I think since he's "rushing" through the lyrics through his anger-like singing, the soft parts through it really save th

Dry Kill Logic has always been a very under rated band, not many people have heard of them compared to average bands and it always confused me. Since Dave Mustaine's Gigantour has lightened my eyes to this band, I have always loved them for their unique music and the elements that set them apart from everyone else. Though this album has its downfalls, I think it has some of the best Dry Kill Logic songs on it as well. Some are slow and sad and others are just pure energy and powerful to the ear. I hope you enjoy my review of Dry Kill Logic's The Darker Sense of Nonsense.

First I should say that Dry Kill Logic is a very unforgiving band, meaning they don't really make songs in the traditional sense. Their songs are rough and raw, often filled with angry lyrics and sometimes they're just silly. Their tone can get a bit of used to for sensitive people, but I've shown this band to many and most of them have fallen in love with them for their different style and rawness. I hope you're one of the one's who fall in love them just as I have.

First song is fast and strong, Nightmare is one of the good songs. At one point, he's screaming "You worthless piece of s***" and you really feel the rage flowing through the song, into your body, and out through the lyrics. I think what makes Dry Kill Logic so special is that they found a way to have these really rough and crazy guitars, while still having these amazing ways to sing it. Nightmare is a good example, the pre-chorus and many other parts really pull it together yet he can still be angry and yell a lot in the song. It's brilliant.

I love Feel The Break, these vocals are just really epic sounding. It flows so well with the rawness of everything yet the rough vocals, going to soft again, back to angry, really has me as a listener. The lyrics throughout the album are majority pretty good and enjoyable, though sometimes he makes no sense and you wonder what he was thinking to say that.

Pain starts off with someone saying "This is going to suck," I have to disagree. Though for a while I did agree, but the soft chorus is addicting and calming through the anger. The scratching of the record... I guess is a little weird but it's not bad. I think since he's "rushing" through the lyrics through his anger-like singing, the soft parts through it really save this one.

Nothing is my favorite. If someone just backed stabbed you, cheated on you, broke up with you; it's perfect. All the hate in hating someone is in this song along with the best vocals on the CD, not in the tone but the way he sings it. It gives the song so much charm and personality and hate; and the part where he whispers, shut the front door it's amazing come on.

Assfault isn't the greatest and took me a while to finally listen to fully, but it's pretty good. Not as great as some of them I already covered, but when you're really down or pissed, it does the trick better than the rest I think. Weight is around the same rating as Assfault, though it has more to it since the soft vocals really give it charm and something about the way it's put together really has me hooked.

A Better Man Than Me can be a little slow sometimes with the random drum parts can take the anger out of this song, but the "F*** you don't tell me" part is one of my favorites on this CD.

Rot is my one of my favorites as well, I think it's the way he sings it. Though sometimes it can be hard to get into at first, this song is pretty great especially around 2:00. That part is worth noting alone. Track 13 is... my oldest favorite, being the one I related to the most; it has a special touch to it. Being the second slowest on the CD I think, and starting off pretty slow as well, makes the song quite different than the rest. Even the chorus is slow, compared to Assfault especially. The part when he's singing "Now I see the Light..." Really draws me in and I find it almost magical.

Give up, Give in, Lie Down, also starts off pretty slow and has some of the best slow-ish vocals, but I find the chorus kind of annoying considering how it's pretty much just repeating itself in an unappealing way. The song does seem to drag on, but I feel the slow vocals save it a little bit. The Strength I Call My Own is kind of the same. Though sometimes the slow vocals really give it a charm, I feel like people find it sort of annoying just by the way he sings it. The song has some memorable parts, but it's not as stunning as the rest. It's worth a listen to at least once, but it's not one I would recommend when deciding to buy this album.

Goodnight. First song I've heard by them. The slowest, most emotional song on the whole CD. The vocals are beautiful. The lyrics made me cry when I first heard them, having to say "goodnight" to someone once before, I can relate to it in such a way. Sometimes, when you're so depressed, the lyrics don't even matter; and this song is perfect if you can't relate. It's essentially, I believe, saying goodbye to someone, whether through death, a break up, or just confusion; it's stunning and I really wish they would have put this kind of effort in more songs; it would have helped the rating regardless of how much I loved the rest of the songs. This kind of slow down is needed for such a raw and rough style sometimes.

After such a masterpiece, SAB is the worst song on the CD. It's constantly repeating itself, annoying guitars, and I can't even tell what he's repeating "I get the fuck out?" I don't even... plus there's random party noises with talking and burping in the song that really put me off as a listener, just to repeat to the confusing line. I don't even think there's any other lines than that and I'm listening to it right now.

I personally love this CD. With songs having so much charm, soft vocals, anger and hate that really take off the edge sometimes, and a brilliant ballad of Goodnight really ties this album together. Though it can be hard to get used to, it's all about your sense of music. For me, before this I only listened to things like Megadeth and Seether, so it was hard. But today it's so easy just to listen to it over and over again because it's so addicting sometimes. I believe if you give these guys a chance and start with the best stuff, they can really weigh on your music heart. I give this album a 17/20, though it pains me because the charm and the memories, I could easily give it a 19/20, but that's not fair considering some songs hit and miss and SAB is just that awful. Also I think there could have been a bit more variety on the album, having more songs like Goodnight, maybe not as slow, would have really helped them out.

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ViciousVerdict - 06 August 2012: SAB was made as a joke......
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Review @ ViciousVerdict

01 January 2013

An agressive, curious journey that would thrill people looking for something different

The reason I say what I did in the excerpt is because of the way this album felt in general. It's as if this group were focusing on keeping this in the Nu Metal genre when they were making this album, which they did (at least I think), but when they actually produce the song, the speed, rhythm, and how Cliff sounds all adds up to one very aggressive sound that nearly if not does push the band into the Hardcore or possibly even Thrash Neo genre. Sometimes though you would run into a song where they bring it down in certain parts, then explode in aggressive bursts sort of bringing back the Nu Metal feel.

Let's talk about Cliff a little more, Cliff's voice has kind of evolved over the years. A lot of people are very skeptical about his singing in this album, but for this album at least I personally think no other singer could fit the music. His voice in this album sounds like he's truly pissed off, that and the speed at which he's singing shows that he sings on days when he's in real good moods. His yelling alone would be very annoying, but plugged into this bands music expresses this albums aggression even more. The lyrics are not the most rhetoric lyrics you'll ever hear, but not focusing on how Cliff would sing them, you can definitely tell someone was pissed off severely when they write these lyrics. Personally I find the word usage really good. As far as the guitars go, the quality is pretty good. They stuck to power chords quite a bit, but not enough to annoy; at least they didn't sound all the same. The drummer, Phil Arcuri, is a good drummer and has improved over the years to follow up with the bands newer sound. The snare, pedal, and symbol quality was great in my opinion in this album. Phil's drumming isn't epically simple, he adds in small snare rolls and differentiating symbols at some beats and transfers, but doesn't drench the beats with so many details and add ons that it screws with the rhythm.

When I heard this album for the first time, it feels like this band is achieving almost a whole new genre of Metal, blending Nu Metal and Hardcore. My most favorite song off of the album would have to be Track 13.
This album I would definately recommend for Mudvayne, Ill Nino, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Fear Factory, and Scars Of Life fans. For fans of some light Hardcore and heavy Nu Metal.

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