The Awakening

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Band Name Wrath Sins
Album Name The Awakening
Type Album
Released date 09 December 2017
Music StyleThrash Metal
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 Beneath Black Clouds
 Unquiet Heart
 Shadow's Kingdom
 The Sun Wields Mercy
 Fear of the Unseen
 Strepidant Mist
 Between Deaths Line
 The Awakening
 Silence from Above

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Wrath Sins

Comment @ RobThomas84

10 August 2018

Fresh, original and bursting with youthful energy, Wrath Sins are a force to be reckoned with

It's difficult to find interesting thrash these days, but Wrath Sins's The Awakening was a really strong effort from earlier this year. Combining the powerful embrace of thrash metal and punk-laced breakdowns with the melodic aspect laking in todays metal music. The amount of great riffs and leads all over this "The Awakening" will grab you by the ear instantly. Calling them a just a thrash metal band will give the wrong idea about this four portuguese guys and their song-writing ability. The genres combine in this album will engage you into a deep state of perception where the virtuosic and crunchy guitar playing, incredible melodic passages and amazing drumming skills shine around an impressive vocal register that shines in full. With a very different approach the vocalist presents us with a breathe of fresh air with his very unique tone, putting aside the overused growls in todays extreme metal, balancing between an agressive, harsh, powerful range with a melodic side and it's the shifts between melodic and extreme that's impressive never feeling forced. Songs such "Shadows's Kingdom" and "The Sun Wields Mercy" are the perfect example. Lyric wise it's also pretty good, with meaningful and deep subjects bringing the musicianship to a whole other level. "Drum and bass-playing are equally pretty good, adding a large layer of aggression where also the solos are not just mindless shredding, in fact quite tasteful and precise. Production-wise it's also pretty impressive, where everything feels in the right place, with a very organic and full sound.

Fresh, original and bursting with youthful energy, Wrath Sins are a force to be reckoned with this "The Awakening" revealing a notable and impressive act from Portugal. I just can't wait to hear more from them and follow their promising career. Note: 9/10

Wrath Sins - "The Unquiet Heart" -

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