Sustained Regurgitation of Pyosisified Remnants

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Band Name Hepatitis
Album Name Sustained Regurgitation of Pyosisified Remnants
Type Album
Released date 30 June 2015
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
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1. Gangrenous Limbs Amputated with Caustics-Assisted Dissolution
2. Gruesome Forced Encephalic Contents Cranial Ejection
3. Systematic Prolapsed Bowel Hemo-Evaculation
4. Sickening Necrotizing Vulvitis
5. Echinococcus Granulosus Cysticercosis
6. Immersed in a Mutanic Sludge Bio-Suspension
7. Defiled Through Surgical Gametophagia
8. Impulsive Retinal Flash Burn
9. Chronic Cirrhosis Consumption
10. Rancid Offals Excreting Gestational Virulency
11. Tainted Emeto-Plasmatic Resurgence
12. Complex Ganglioneuromatosis
13. Inducing Gastric Lavage to Satisfy Autocannibalistic Needs
14. Spontanteous Ignition of Pyrorrheal Waste
15. Constant Constipation Via Cryptosporidiosis

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