Spray for Jesus

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Band Name Anal Penetration
Album Name Spray for Jesus
Type Album
Released date 2007
Music StyleDeath Grind
Members owning this album5


1. Baise Moi (Pt.2)
2. The Flood
3. Freedom of Lust
4. Where Next to Fuck Her
5. Splitting Oceans
6. ...And My Hands Still Smell Like Fish
7. Behind the Curtains
8. At War with the Stinkwhore
9. Vibrator Failure (Pt.3)
10. Shit for Metal
11. Suck or Die
12. Artillery of a Madman
13. Fuck for Power
14. Beatings Form My Evil Sword
15. Cheap Ass Bitches
16. The Power in My Cock
17. ... When My Apocalyptic Fluids Have

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Anal Penetration

Comment @ godlydevil7

06 August 2008
Here we have the first full-length album of the artist that I'm admiring more and more as I'm listening to more of his stuff. If you have listened any other album by this guy, you will immediately notice that he doesn't use any pitchshifters anymore. This gives you a good chance to hear what his natural grunt sounds like, and it sounds pretty good.

Of course, the guitars are masterpieces of the riffworld, as I am used to with AxPx, and the drums are sickeningly fast. Too bad he uses a computer for the drums, because it would be amazing to see an actual guy do this live.

This isn't your cliché death metal album, not even your cliché goregrind album, but this is something in between. His vocals are definitely death metal, it just isn't heavy enough for goregrind. But his guitar is so downtuned that you think of goregrind almost immediately when you hear a song. This mixture of styles gives Anal Penetration a strange form of uniqueness that you cannot find in any other album I have heard thus far.

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