Spiritual Revolution

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Band Name Mind Terrorist
Album Name Spiritual Revolution
Type Album
Released date 2020
Music StyleHardcore
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 Revolt Against the Modern World
 A Homage to the Tribes
 The End of Tradition
 Silence the Earth
 Heading for Downfall
 Still Dreaming
 Μήνυμα ελήφθη

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Mind Terrorist

Review @ Grey_Warden

07 February 2021

The new masterpiece of Mind Terrorists - Spiritual Revolution

"Spiritual Revolution" is the fourth full studio album of the Greek metal band Mind Terrorist. It contains nine new tracks and has been released by One People One Struggle Records (OPOS). The recordings, mixing and mastering of the album took place in the United States, Greece, the Netherlands, and Germany, between May and December 2019. "Spiritual Revolution" is a concept album, which refers to a fundamental process of inner transformation according to which each of us breaks the poisonous effects of globalism, consumerism, and modern civilization in general. "Being in the world, but not of it" is a purpose in life, realizing that modernity is not simply a way of life. It reflects the way we relate as human beings and the spiritual taste of our soul and mind, first of all as individuals and then as nations in general.
The combo of the recording studios is as follows: Drums recorded in Ferret Studios, in the United States, Guitars and bass recorded in Audiolab Studio, Greece
Voice recorded in Pro-Studios, the Netherlands while the album was mixed and mastered in Nebelhorn Tonstudio, Germany
We can briefly define the album as alternative metal, as the proposed sound is a homogeneous mix of various elements both of European and American matrix, although the band is based in Larissa (Greece).
The melting pot proposed by the band is chock full of reference the Swedish death metal style with influences mainly given by groups such as At The Gates, Soilwork, The Haunted, and a little bit of Dismember and the last In Flames. The style meets the American hardcore of Hatebreed and Madball.
"Spiritual Revolution" is heavy, melodic, and rather catchy, certainly ideal for fans of extreme metal who like to range between melodies and hard riffs to combine with a vocal style that is halfway between clean and harsh.
the work of the guitar is beautifully intricate, heavy, hard but above all melodic in the "stanzas", in the bridges and in the refrains. The drums are also quite a bit technical, showing off an excellent use of fill (always at the service of music) and a truly phenomenal double bass. The voice is the most particular element since it is the particularity of the band, which compared to the Swedish or metalcore groups is not in scream/growl but more towards the hardcore punk, at times a little too "dirty" I must say that despite being beautiful in impact, however, it blends well with the sound proposed by the band, this can also be seen as demerit but I think it gives a greater personality to the bans
The song "Revolt against The Modern World" is the killer track of the album, the summary of a remarkable work to which I feel I am giving a 20/20 for the passion that it releases and for the spirituality that exudes through the lyrics, quite trivial and meaningful being a properly worked concept album.
A must-have for fans of modern metal.
But the surprise is over. A rapcore song in Greek lyrics that shows another side of the band, somewhat unusual given the sound proposed in the other tracks.
Note of merit to the graphic sector of the well-made album with attention to the smallest details, the eye also wants its part, it must be mentioned that all the design was created by Richard Manson's design (Doomsdaykvlt) while AD Media oversaw the productions for visualizers and lyric videos.

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