Somber Souls

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Band Name Fatal (USA-1)
Album Name Somber Souls
Type Bootleg
Released date 2005
Music StyleDeath Thrash
Members owning this album2


"A Somber Evocation of Nihilism"
1. Malevolence
2. Anguish
3. No Dream to Believe
"Soul Burns"
4. Nailed to the Unknown
5. Decomposure Beneath
6. Soul Burns
7. Kneel To The Unknown
"Molested Slaughter"
8. Molested Slaughter
9. Power of Destruction
10. Living Death
11. Raped in the Grave
12. Blood Frenzy
"Guts for Dinner"
13. Immortal Aggression
14. External Tormentor
15. Guts for Dinner
16. Only Death Is Real
17. Reanimator
18. Fatality (Live)
"Live in Detroit, MI 3/3/90"
19. Existence of Mortality
20. Nailed to the Unknown
21. Profane Incarnation

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Fatal (USA-1)