Solens Rötter

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Band Name Vintersorg
Album Name Solens Rötter
Type Album
Released date 27 April 2007
Recorded at Ballerina Audio
Music StyleFolk black
Members owning this album68


1. Döpt I en Jökelsjö 05:25
2. Perfektionisten 04:17
3. Spirar och Gror 06:33
4. Kosmosaik 05:31
5. Idétemplet 04:52
6. Naturens Mystar 05:01
7. Att Bygga en Ruin 05:30
8. Strålar 05:10
9. Från Materia till Ande 05:48
10. Vad Aftonvindens Andning Viskar 04:49
Total playing time 52:56

Review @ hack

21 October 2009
Vintersorg doesn't make music for the money. He makes music, because he enjoys creating a musical form of art. He is a very busy man these days. He is going to school, working on 2 other musical projects, and has 2 children.

This is the 6th full length album from this black folk metal band from Sweden. Solens Rotter means origin of the sun in the Swedish language. The theme of the album seems to be about the relationship between man and nature. The lyrics on this album are all in Swedish, unlike The Focusing Blur, where all of the lyrics were done in English.

This album is a nice blend of death/black metal, 70's pop style music(like Yes and Frank Zappa), intertwined with European folk music. It is very diverse, complex, and slightly symphonic. The tempo often changes from intensely fast to a dramatic slower tempo. At many times, you can hear symphonic instruments (occasionally playing a Celtic style) in the background, but these instruments actually come from a keyboard.

The typical angry grim voice is countered with Vintersorgs beautiful clean singing voice. There are lots of the harmonic choruses that he uses on all of his albums. The intricate metal guitar riffs are interspersed with acoustic guitars. The songs are very well written and usually very melodic. The song Straller is an ode to scientist Marie Curie.

A few of the songs are boring, but the music is more fluid and less choppy than most of the music from the previous albums. He seems to have refined his musical arrangements on this album. Most of the songs aren't boring and rock very good. This music is similar to old Asmegin or Manegarm. This is one of Vintersorgs' best albums.

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