Skeletons & Majesties

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Band Name Gamma Ray
Album Name Skeletons & Majesties
Type EP
Released date 08 April 2011
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album25


1. Hold Your Ground
2. Brothers
3. Send Me a Sign
4. Rebellion in Dreamland
5. Wannabes
6. Brothers (Extended Version)
7. Rebellion in Dreamland (Karaoke Version)

Review @ metalwahine

07 May 2011

If you do not pick up “Skeletons and Majesties” then you are seriously missing out on some incredible metal!

This is not your typical Gamma Ray album; this actually is a compilation of gems and jewels or Skeletons and Majesties, hence the title. The “Skeletons”, are brand new versions of the two tracks “Hold Your Ground” (from the Heading for Tomorrow album) and “Brothers” (from the Insanity and Genius album). The “Majesties”, are two other rare tracks “Send Me a Sign” (from the “Powerplant” release) and “Rebellion in Dreamland” (originally from “Land of the Free”). Not only do they give us such rarities but they also offer up an extended version of “Brothers” AND they have a karaoke version of “Rebellion in Dreamland” as an extra track. That’s right, Gamma ray let their fans submit their demos and submission with their karaoke wails and cries. You gotta wait it out because it’s right towards the end but trust me, it’s worth waiting for.

This an awesome album from beginning to end Kai Hansen’s vocals sound phenomenal and the production make “Skeletons and Majesties” sound larger than life! Kai and Henjo’s guitar work is just shredding on “Hold Your Ground” and the power shouts will have your fists flying in the air. The energy is at top level here as well as is the talent! “Brothers” is even more dirty and gritty with a sensational chorus and power shouts.

Gamma ray is back, harder and heavier than ever before. The musicianship is tight and flowing and will have you headbanging along with the whole album. If you do not pick up “Skeletons and Majesties” then you are seriously missing out on some incredible metal!

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