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Band Name Fester (NOR)
Album Name Silence
Type Album
Released date 1994
Music StyleDeath Metal
Members owning this album23


Re-Issue & Remastered in 2014 by Abyss Records with one bonustrack and a different cover.
 Silent Is the Raven
 The Maze
 The Conformists
 Voices from the Woods
 Elisabeta - In My World of Thoughts
 Growing Thirst
 Nar Noen Dør...

 Persecution (Long Version Live 1991)

Total playing time: 49:05

Review @ Akhanarit

22 July 2011

Dark and wonderful

As I bought this album more than 10 years ago, it was a "cheap catch", because nobody seemed to want it. As I got home and layed it into my player, I immediately fell in love with this album and 'till now it is on of my top 10 faves of all time.

Dark and heavy riffs meet beautiful melodies and the vocals are all almost whispered and give the Metal sound a kind of quiet touch. It's not very easy to categorize the style the guys from Norway play. To some it's Dark Metal, other call it Death Metal but most people call it (atmospheric) Black Metal.

Especially the guitars are great on this album and it is the perfect one you listen to, when it's night, cold and rainy outside. Just leave one candle burning and give the "Silence" - Album a try under your headphones. If you're into bands like "Eternal tears of sorrow" or "Insomnium" you won't regret it.

It would be blasphemy, to pick out just one song to call it Fester's finest, so I will choose not less than 3 Songs, that never lost anything of their mystic and fascination over all the years passed since I got in touch with it. First I'll choose "Voices from the woods", because the keyborad theme in the chorus is so epic, that you will never will forget it once heard. Second song I want to pick out is "The conformists". The riffs are such precise, that even a beginner on guitar playing can learn something about rhythm and setting highlights to his(her own playing. And last but not least I want to take "The maze". In combination with the whispers the band sounds totally evil.

A good effect of the whispers is, that you can hear the instruments very well at any time and they make it to an album, that never bothers or disturbs the audience which listens to it. It's definitly worth it to buy this CD if you can find it somewhere.

So dim the lights and drift into the shadows... Fester created a monument of dark Metal music!

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