Return to Metalopolis

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Band Name Chris Poland
Album Name Return to Metalopolis
Type Album
Released date 1990
Produced by Randy Burns
Music StyleGuitar Hero
Members owning this album20


Re-issue in 2002 by Enigma Records and in 2004 by Black Note Records 2004 with 2 bonustracks
1. Club Ded 03:35
2. Alexandria 04:06
3. Return to Metalopolis 03:04
4. Heinous Interruptus 02:42
5. The Fall of Babylon 04:57
6. Row of Crows 03:27
7. Theatré of the Damned 03:53
8. Beelzebub Bop 03:29
9. Apparition Station 02:46
10. Khazad Dum 03:41
Total playing time 35:32
Bonustracks (Re-issue 2002, 2004)
11. 30 Day Due 04:48
12. The Heavy Guitar Jam 14:33

Comment @ ThrashAttack

25 August 2010
I decided one day that I wanted to hear what my favorite guitarist from Megadeth sounded like after he was kicked out of the legendary thrash band.
I must say that I was very impressed.

His style is very unique and deeply expressive, and I was interested in it right off the bat.
His style is not typical, and not exactly considered metal, like his style in Megadeth, but more like metal-fusion, taken from his jazz influence from before Megadeth, and the metal he explored in Megadeth.
The guitar skill in the album is very skillful and even comparable to Yngwie Malmsteen! It's amazing at how unknown he is because he's just amazing when it comes to the fine art of shredding.
This album is a true gem of guitar playing and I believe it to be a truly amazing album.
Happy listening!

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