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Band Name Burnt City
Album Name Resurgence
Type EP
Released date 01 January 2017
Labels Self-Produced
Music StyleProgressive Power
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 Wild Hunter

Total playing time: 28:52

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Burnt City

Comment @ Darkended

20 July 2017

A Birth Of A New Leader

Burnt city hails from Australia with killer roots and mystical sounds in it as we can hear in evedy track. The EP has 6 tracks one intro and five outstanding full tracks. On of the best tracks on this wonderful release is "Seven" it reflects the perfect assasin sound, thanks to their lead singer Gus Monsanto who is involved in many other bands.In the second track of the Ep called "Resurgence" we can hear that progressive vibe and a stunning keyboard and guitar solo as in all tracks this we can call it just like Adrian Smith and Dave Murray's solos in the Iron Maiden but this time it's Aydin and Katsionis."Wild Hunter" the intro of this song is so heavy and gives you the hunter feeling again thanks for the vocals that does Gus but we can hear some great sounds from the drummer too and mostly that amazing keyboard solos, this band is full with great solos and new sounds but in this track the guitar solo has the typical 90's sound so this give a good point to the band. About the next song "Metamorphosis" who has a Metallica sound even Gus's vocals is similar to James Hetfields but in the chorus we can hear the original Monsanto sound. Finally the last track "Armageddon" for me is my favorite because it sounds totaly 90's and the best track in the release, the sound is so heavy and outstanding that give you the feeling to replay it again and again so from me this Ep gets 10/10 points.
The band is full with great solos and uniqe sound what gives us back the hope for metal.

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