Remnants: The Last Remains

Band's List Death Thrash Blood Feast Remnants: The Last Remains
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Band Name Blood Feast
Album Name Remnants: The Last Remains
Type Compilation
Released date 2002
Music StyleDeath Thrash
Members owning this album4


1. Menacing Thunder (Suicidal Mission Demo)
2. The Evil (Suicidal Mission Demo)
3. Blood Lust (Suicidal Mission Demo)
4. Suicidal Mission (Suicidal Mission Demo)
5. Kill for Pleasure (Pre-Production Demo)
6. Vampire (Pre-Production Demo)
7. Holocaust (Unreleased)
8. Trail of Death (Unreleased)
9. Black Diamond (Unreleased-Kiss Cover)
10. Curse of the Womb (Unreleased)
11. Menacing Thunder (LIVE)