Realm of the Deviant Throne

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Band Name Architect Of Dissonance
Album Name Realm of the Deviant Throne
Type Album
Released date 13 February 2015
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album4


1. Intro / Ouverture of Carnage 01:04
2. Realm of the Deviant Throne 03:48
3. Maggot Infestation 03:06
4. Open Body Desecration 03:24
5. Teratogenesis 03:37
6. Ballad of Scorched Flesh 02:56
7. Inhuman Autopsy Chronicles 03:40
8. Severed Limb Collection 02:25
9. Purifying Bloodshed 03:24
10. Urban Warfare 03:29
Total playing time 29:33

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Architect Of Dissonance

Review @ Burx

10 August 2018

Architects of slam

Brutal death metal has become saturated with bands that sound just like one another, that's it's often difficult to tell them apart. That isn't the case with Realm Of The Deviant Throne. The album artwork is what lead me to listen to this album. Most BDM album covers concentrate on being as shocking as possible, which comes across as a bit juvenile sometimes. This cover, however, is just killer. It evokes a sense of pure evil. Now on to the music.

We start this putrid slab of brutality with a short intro that encapsulates what we'll experience on this release. We get a taste of your average fair of pig squeals, blast beats and slam riffs. But lo, I was pleasantly surprised while letting the album play, that the composition was a lot more diverse than the intro lead me to believe. To my relief, one of the most vocally diverse BDM albums I've heard. Classic grunts and low gutturals are garnished with nicely preformed pig squeals. Refreshing contrast to my assumption that the record would just sound like a pig being slaughtered over and over again.

The drums don't just consist of constant blasts and double kick. They're structured well in each song composition. Blasting and double kicking at the right times, but slowing down and driving the song forward like they're suppose to.

The guitar tone, while not having that Swedish 'buzz-saw' flavor, still has a nasty crunch. The riffing is excellent. Eerie leads slither along side concrete fracturing rhythms, and skull crushing slams. Short but airy, almost spaced out solos are reminiscent of something you might hear from Hypocrisy. Short bass solos often signal the start of a slam riff that bounces into an upbeat, almost Bolt Thrower groove. From track to track, this album boasts intelligent song writing. All of the elements that make a brutal death metal record are distributed evenly through out the 30 minute run time. Nothing over stated. Nothing under stated. Nothing over stays it's welcome, but the listener wont feel like they're missing something.

In conclusion, this album slays. For all of the right reasons. Layered and engaging song composition. Damn near perfect production. Now it isn't anything new to the genre, and at times it, how ever brief, it sounds a bit like hardcore having an identity crisis. Thankfully these moments are extremely short and toward the end of the album, and it's so brief that it doesn't ruin the listening experience. (we're talking like five seconds of such moments) Even with such blemishes, this is still some of the best slam I've heard in ages. A fresh look at a style that's been done to "death".

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