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Band Name Hypothermia
Album Name Rakbladsvalsen
Type Album
Released date 24 February 2007
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album31


1. Del 1 34:25
2. Del 2 09:50
3. Del 3 06:10
4. Del 4 11:01
Total playing time 1:01:24

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Review @ Satanicarchangel

12 June 2012

Unbelievably depressing

Slow, depressing, bleak, monotonous; all these words are suitable descriptions for Hypothermia's third release Rakbladsvalsen. Now before I start this review I'd like to mention a few things. First there is a lot of repetition featured on this album, tracks drone on without much variation in them. If you're the kind of listener that enjoys lots of variety in their songs, then don't listen to this, you'll be bored out of your mind. Although if you don't like repetition why you're looking up depressive Black Metal is beyond me. Next the production. Now if you're the kind of listener who likes crystal clear production, then this release also isn't for you. The guitars are hazy and have a shrill buzzing tone to them. Now in my opinion this helps the atmosphere but not every body likes the same things so whatever.

The album is broken up into four tracks (called "dels"). There isn't much variation between them and they sound very similar. Del 3 and 4 actually use the same riff. Now I know this sounds bad, but this is an album you must go into with an open mind. If you judge it right away, then you'll be bored out of your mind. But if you go in with an open mind, all the tracks seem to merge into one, and you'll be entranced by the hypnotic, droning notes.

The production is noticeably different on this album than on any of Hypothermia's past releases. In previous albums the bass was much more thick in the mix, this gave a more chilling aura to the music. In this album the bass is nowhere near as prominent in the mix as their earlier work. In fact it's barely audible at all. In my opinion this is a good thing because the style of music featured on Rakbladsvalsen is different than previous outing and a bass heavy sound would have ruined it.

The vocals are just magnificent. Kim Carlsson is one of the best Depressive Black Metal vocalists if not the best. Kim wails, howls, and shrieks through this album trying to inflict as much suffering on the listener. Although the vocals are brilliant they're a little too sparse for my liking. Although this is similar to that of Trist. I find that the sparsity of vocals in Trist actually helps with the atmosphere, but in Hypothermia I personally feel that there should be much more vocals. Not as much as let's say Depressive Years but still much more of it. Kim is such a great screamer he should do it more often.

Riff wise this album follows the formula of playing slow monotonous riffs throughout the duration of the song. I don't know why lots of new bands are leaning towards this style, maybe because it's easier to play. Anyway the riffs are still very good and very depressing. Yes the riffs barely change at all but it doesn't bore me, I personally prefer this style of depressive Black Metal as it seems to make the music more depressing.

I'm not going to give a description of each song, but I will say this. They are physically and mentally draining. The amount of emotions featured on this album is overwhelming and it never fails to lower my mood. This album is absolutely great and I would definitely recommend it to all fans of depressive Black Metal as it truly is an astonishing piece of work, that ranks among the best Depressive Black Metal releases of all time. This album isn't one to be taken lightly as it will tear through the unprepared like a knife through paper. If you don't think you can handle this then just leave it you'll be much happier than if you listened to it that's a promise.


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Crinn - 12 June 2012: My favorite kind of music, depressive black metal....This album IS truly amazing
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