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Band Name Compilations
Album Name Radio Rivendell Compilation
Type Compilation
Released date 19 May 2007
Music StyleMetal
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1. MARKUS HOLLER - Nebelmärchen
2. ERDENSTERN - Into the Green - The Heroes Return
3. SEAN BEESON - Voice of the Seraphim
4. WILBERT ROGET, II - Atonement
5. GARGRIM THE LIAR - The Pavillion
6. DIMITRIJ VOLSTOJ - Bleeding the Bishop
7. SIBELIAN - Wish Fullfilling Jewel
8. TOM W HALL - Freakshow Soundtrack
9. ABNOCTO - Spritus Arma
10. BALAGHAN - Secret Place
11. LOST KINGDOM - In Heaven
12. RISING SHADOWS - Dead Cold
13. TINCOLINDO - Priestess of Avalon
14. PROJECT MORFEO - Escape from the Dragons Lair
15. MORGAN THE BARD - Galdralag
16. HELEN TREVILLION - The Mermaid Part I: The Storm

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Comment @ Irma

30 May 2007
I really like the diversity of this sampler, ranging from straightforward tracks to really dark fantasy music, and from experimental soundscapes to more atmospheric pieces. AndRadio Rivendell Compilation” also compiles many lesser known but promising acts.
Sixteen bands are Gathered here, with ‘fantasy’ as the unifying theme on this album.
Overall the tracks on this compilation are very good. The stiles mix well.
Five tracks stand out as being the ones I think are the best: Markus Holler "Neblemaerch", Lost Kingdom "In Heaven", Abnocto "Spiritus arma", Sean Beeson "Voice of the seraphim" and Helen Trevilion "The Mermaid part I The Storm".
But really all of the tracks on the album are very good. There are some nice slower, atmospheric pieces, like the contributions by Gargrim the liar "Pavilion" and Volstoj "Bleeding the bishop". Rising Shadows "Dead cold" could be maybe a little bit longer. It never really kicks off even though the song is atmospheric and very beautiful.
Sibelian "Wish fulfilling jewel" is a very cool mix of opera and dark ambient.

I like many of the bands on this compilation and want to hear a lot more of all the artists!


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