Prophecies of the Dying

Band's List Melodic Black Enthral (NOR) Prophecies of the Dying
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Band Name Enthral (NOR)
Album Name Prophecies of the Dying
Type Album
Released date 1997
Music StyleMelodic Black
Members owning this album9


1. Salig er den som Lir 11:12
2. Prophecies of the Dying - Kundalini (Serpent Power) 09:16
3. Prophecies of the Dying - Pt. II 10:45
4. A Divine Tragedy 11:10
5. Enchanted by the Serpent Spell 08:03
6. Thy Passionate Despair 11:21
Total playing time 1:01:47

Comment @ dranoel

08 December 2010
In the year 1997, the music on Prophecies of the Dying had zest when released for the first time – and the combination of eerie atmosphere, fine melodies and some throttled parts convinces again on this new edition.

The opening track called Salig Er Den Som Lir shows the epic direction and offers a broad spectrum of moods as well as speeds. All instruments are equal and the bass can be heard at best without dominating. ENTHRAL know how to play in complex way, whereby it is not easy to deal with the variability at first approach. A relaxed interplay is followed by a complex eruption with many hard to get aware measure changes. Excessive technique is combined with harmonious lead guitars and the song pulsates during the whole playtime of 11 minutes.
Ice-cold Black Metal introduces the two-part title track, ere a throttled measure shows up and cares for alternation. The background melodies sneak up slowly and oscillate with the aggressive basis speed. Some progressive elements enrich the sound and clarify the demanding approach. In the second part a female soprano voice can be heard as decorative element in the background.
Unloading song structures dominate the whole playing time, sometimes the musicians act in more aggressive manner like in A Divine Tragedy, but the band does not forget about musical and vocal alternation. Furious Black Metal leads over to borne speed, interim a surprising calm break appears – this roller-coaster ride of sentiments is felicitous during estimated 666 seconds…

Prophecies of the Dying was and is far away from senseless presentation or dull franticness and knows to enthuse through alternation, which offers space for aggression, easy-going arrangements or complex parts. The overall impression could be intoxicating or bone-crushing. In the end, I do not find enough hymnal elements or embossing refrains to boost this very good album up to a genre classic.

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