Promo 2011

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Band Name Abominable Putridity
Album Name Promo 2011
Type Demo
Released date 2011
Labels Brutal Bands
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album5


1. Remnants of the Tortured 02:41
2. Lack of Oxygen 03:07
3. The Last Communion 03:10
Total playing time 08:58

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Abominable Putridity

Comment @ CLucker666

07 November 2011

...very tight and fast...

So I've recently gained a huge interest towards Brutal Death, even though I've always somewhat liked it. So the first band that came to my mind when I thought Brutal Death was Abominable Putridity. I have to say after listening to this album, is that I like them a whole lot more than I use to! This promo is fantastic in my opinion! The vocals sound like a less squealing version of Cameron argon, also know as "big chocolate", from Disfiguring The Goddess, Cameron actually played with Abominable Putridity once before. I absolutely love this promo so definitely take a look at it!

The instrumentals are very tight and fast also. The drumming is amazing! the double-bass sounds great and is pinned perfectly in the songs! I would definitely have to say I am addicted to the new Abominable Putridity. The only downer which still isn't bad at all, is the guitar riffs are a little repetitive, and not extremely creative but I mean it is brutal death metal and there is not a huge bubble for creativity in this genre. A lot of it can sound the same after a while. But, overall it works for them. It still fits their sound really good with the fast drumming and guttural growls. Lack Of Oxygen was my favorite on the promo and I think it displayed their new overall sound the most because it has a really quick intro and it goes straight into the brutal core of their sound.

The vocals are like a lot of Brutal Death, low guttural vocals but these are definitely a stand out in the genre. The new vocalist is the same vocalist that was last in Pathology. That's one reason they sound a lot better to me. Definitely a big improvement, not that the last vocalist was bad. He just did not have a big variety in his vocals, it was mostly a really guttural throaty EEEEEEEEEE and that is about all you can make out when you hear him. It is kind of stupid at parts but I got use to it and I kind of like it. The new vocalist has more of a distinguished sound to him, his vocal range is much larger and he is definitely more experienced.

So if you are new to Brutal Death or Abominable Putridity, I recommend you check this out first because it is an amazing promo! Now that I just updated this review I would recommend the new album that came out a few months ago. It features all the songs from the promo and they are better quality and much more enjoyable to listen to because they flow along with the album instead pf just hearing 3 short songs that do not give you the full experience. The video below is the older Abominable Putridity, Overall I give this a 18/20.

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