Papsmear Campaign

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Band Name Cuntscrape
Album Name Papsmear Campaign
Type Album
Released date 2009
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album2


1. Hellatio
2. Great Gran Slam
3. Analrexic
4. Beauty and the Yeast
5. Grind Leading the Blind
6. The Great Unwashed
7. Cum Fart Tart
8. Wham Bam Didn't Know You Were a Man
9. My Dick Just Died
10. Meddy Krueger
11. Nutritional Paste
12. Pooch Gooch
13. Uncle Nasty Fingers Reoffends
14. Dirty Bertie
15. I Wanna Do It with a Midget
16. The Bi-curious Case of...
17. Urgh!
18. Fisterectomy
19. Fleshlight
20. Humpty Plumpty
21. Cuntest
22. So You Think You Can Fuck?
23. Twilight of the Chundergod

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