Outsourcing the Slaves

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Band Name Separatist (GER)
Album Name Outsourcing the Slaves
Type Demo
Released date 24 April 2013
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleSludge Doom
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1. Outsourcing the Slaves 04:16
2. Wake Up 03:37
3. Earthrot 00:16
4. Immortality of Truth 03:09
5. Loss. Depression. Hope. 07:01
6. Swarm 04:14
Total playing time 22:33

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Separatist (GER)

Review @ VesselsOfBlood

25 July 2013

Hardcore Sludge Doom

Separatist is a band that has recently taken form within the realm of sludgy metal. This quartet was founded in 2012 from Brunswick (or Braunschweig), Germany, and they are definitely not a band out to show any mercy with their raw brutality. This is made clear with their first demo tape released in 2013 entitled "Outsourcing the Slaves." It would be the six-tracked album that reveals that the band, despite the problems, has something interesting in store.

The musicianship and production, to start off, do make up somewhat of a mixed bag. The vocals do showcase some aggression that's appropriate to the sludge genre, ranging from low growls to furious roars, although they could use more energy. The guitars are the most positive aspect of this album, delivering a good amount of punchy riffs throughout that grab the audience in their warpath. The drums, even though they tend to get a little sloppy, are also performed solidly with how simple but vigorous they sound. In regards to that sound, the mixing, while it holds up, does sometimes serve as a hindrance. This is particularly the case for the faster moments, where the production sounds inconsistent and the percussion sounds quite thin. It does create good atmosphere and rawness for the music, but it does get distracting at these times. All problems aside, though, the musicianship and mixing do hold up relatively well.

As for the music itself, the songs in "Outsourcing the Slaves" have their ups and downs as well. For one thing, the band's violent fusion of sludge, doom, and hardcore tends to cross the line between sheer aggression and tad silliness. For an example, the beginning of the track "Loss. Depression. Hope." doesn't do too well in letting the listeners keep a straight face. Times like this do damage the album, because it takes away from the seriousness and fierceness that it was supposed to bring forth. However, that being said, that doesn't mean the demo is without its intense moments, especially during the slow pacing. For another instance, the same song described earlier has a nice, volcanic sound to it during the steadier parts. The overall sound of this record is highly destructive, and when this album does it right, it does it very nicely. Despite the problems, the sludgy and vehement music this album has to offer does fare well.

As the band's first step into their discography, "Outsourcing the Slaves" is a rather decent start. Though it does have a bothersome number of shortcomings, there is enough here to make the band demonstrate some potential. The musicianship, mixing, songwriting, and execution are well done, and it all adds up for a rather dark and enjoyable release. Though this demo is far from fundamental listening for sludge fans, it is safe to say that Separatist is a band you might want to keep an eye on.

Originally posted on: http://metaljerky.blogspot.com/

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