Organic Perpetual Hatework

Band's List Symphonic Black Astaroth (AUT) Organic Perpetual Hatework
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Band Name Astaroth (AUT)
Album Name Organic Perpetual Hatework
Type Album
Released date 30 November 2005
Labels CCP Records
Music StyleSymphonic Black
Members owning this album13


1. The Machinist 02:30
2. Bloodwork 07:03
3. Lateral Ergonomic Organic Marooned 04:37
4. Soulcloned 05:01
5. Eugenic 03:47
6. Perpetual Spirit 06:21
7. Accursed 07:17
Total playing time 36:36

Review @ dranoel

08 December 2010
After the first look on the cover artwork, a variation is obvious: ASTAROTH’s logo has changed completely and the making of the booklet as well as the song titles and the lyrics lets me draw a conclusion concerning modifications in style. Apparently, the musicians attached more importance to artistically realization than to corpse-paint and image. Already the atmospheric intro gets something across: Organic Perpetual Hatework should sound coldly and mechanically. One reason for that are particularly the clinic drums, sounding in an inhuman and mechanic way.
The songs are brilliant like in the past, although they cannot reach the level of the foregoing and recommendable record Violent Soundtrack Martyrium. However, the Upper Austrian band consists of exceptional musicians, who don’t want to take it the easy way; there are no songs loveless cudgeled, the guys always try for alternation. This works because of frequent time changes as well as the right placed keyboard, which is held in the background conveniently. Additionally, the voice sounds a little bit more controlled than in the past, but it is still aggressive. At least the lyrical aspect is noteworthy; the band renounced the stories about death or devils, applies oneself to the abyss of human soul and therefore avoids a cliché cleverly. Commendations for that! I can’t deny my fascination of tracks like the awesome Bloodwork, the maelstrom of as swift as an arrow played drums, snappish riffs and decent keyboard dabbers dragged me along from the beginning. Every now and then ASTAROTH intersperse some modern influences, but in addition they don’t forget to integrate some parts for head bangers. Soulcloned elates me with amazing melody lines and cold sentiments, brilliant breaks, forward dashing parts and some effects on the voice, that’s the way it has to be! Also the following Eugenic (Designed Duality) operates in a similar way, before Organic Perpetual Hatework heads for its highlights. I have to mention the six minutes long oeuvre Perpetual Spirit with irresistible drive, adept time changes and bodacious atmosphere. The keyboard conjures up an ingenious melody in the background and after three minutes ASTAROTH throttle the speed to gather way again for a fulminate centerpiece. In the last part the band accelerates accurately – delicious! The concluding track Accused starts with an acoustic guitar melody displaced by high speed with class after a few seconds. The guitarist plays a brilliant melody and I really enjoy the speed in alternation to stamping parts. In the end, it gets hauling yet, wonderful! Accessorily, a well-done video of Soulcloned transposes the sick mood of this song adequately.
My opinion concerning this album changes every time I listen to it. In the beginning I said to myself: well, nice music; but the real fascination has developed continuously. I discovered many details which corrected my position upwards again and again. You also should do it the same way, you won’t regret it! Concluding I’d like to wish for a concert and the playlist should contain all songs of the last two albums…

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