One Voice for the Kingdom

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Band Name Golden Resurrection
Album Name One Voice for the Kingdom
Type Album
Released date 18 January 2013
Music StyleNeo Classical
Members owning this album10


1. The Temple Will Remain 04:55
2. Spirit War 05:05
3. One Voice for the Kingdom 03:55
4. Night Light 05:08
5. Golden Resurrection 05:08
6. Can't Slow Down 04:48
7. Heavenly Metal 04:00
8. God's Mercy 04:00
9. Born for the Strangers 05:56
10. Moore Lord 05:45
Total playing time 48:40

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Golden Resurrection

Review @ VesselsOfBlood

01 April 2013

Melodic Crusader Metal

Swedish quintet Golden Resurrection is certainly a perfect representation of old-school power metal laden with epic, melodic tones. The group took on this musical form since forming in 2008, from multiple different cities within the nation: Alingsås, Eskilstuna, Jönköping, Kungsör, and Örebro. Some members also worked with other bands, such as ReinXeed, Narnia, and Majestic Vanguard, but they all coalesced to form a seasoned group that performs Christian-based power metal, the old-school style. They made their debut in 2010 with their first full-length record “Glory to My King,” followed by their next full-length in 2011 entitled “Man with a Mission.” Add the 2011 single “Pray for Japan,” and you have a collaboration of epic and melodic power metal that certainly lives up to the band’s title, in terms of both sound and religious meaning. In 2013, the group made a new addition to their roster of records with their third full-length release “One Voice for the Kingdom.” With ten tracks on their side, the group seeks out once again to storm the gates with their melodic power battalion.

Although it doesn’t necessarily shatter any molds in terms of the power metal genre, the musicianship overall is very good. The singing is bold and very dramatic, in a typical yet well-done fashion in regards to the said genre. The drum work is nothing truly special either, but they are tightly played in terms of rhythm and sound quality, so that is another positive element that lies within this record. However, one of the group’s largest areas of prowess is the guitar play, which is done excellently in this album. They are packed fully with some energizing riffs and melodies that definitely provide the framework of the fantasy-like atmosphere of the tracks in this record overall. They never go overboard in how they are played to the point where the guitarists are merely showing off, but it shines perfectly in terms of its solidity and melodic splendor. The sound production of this album is also well done; it lets each musical element sound as an entity on its own without losing focus or sounding over-processed. With all things considered, “One Voice for the Kingdom,” in spite of sticking to its power metal boundaries, the musicianship and production are certainly two of the album’s stronger points.

As before, “One Voice for the Kingdom” delivers epic, melodic, and uplifting power metal tunes that are definitely meant to appeal to both old-school and modern fans of the genre. One of the greatest highlights of this record, as stated earlier, is the guitar play, laden with potent melodies and riffs to really give the music an epic sort of atmosphere. On top of this cinematic tone, the album overall has a good share of gripping and spine-chilling moments throughout, with all of the elements of the musicianship and instrumentals fusing together tightly to give the album a great sense of focus and concentration. This helps in the epic sound delivering its effect towards its audience, and at times, it really can pull the audience into the midst of a fantasy battlefield. It also has some mellower but still very melodic tracks, such as “Moore Lord.” However, the music overall is quite generic for the power metal genre, and the group doesn’t necessarily throw any real surprises at its audience. There are also plenty of times when the tracks overall can slip over the boundaries and become a little cheesy in terms of the epic tone. Thankfully, that isn’t too often the case. With enjoyable tracks that are crafted with glorious atmospheres and positivity, there is at least one song to be invigorated by in this solid power metal specimen.

Sadly, aside from the cheesiness and generic factors, another crippling problem that “One Voice for the Kingdom” suffers from is the lyrical content. Hence the band’s name, the theme that the lyrics focus on is Christianity. The lyrics are written along this theme to create very optimistic messages in terms of the religion, and conceptually, although it is a generic form of this type of lyrical content, there is nothing particularly wrong with this. However, the problem is that the lyrics are far too preachy, to the point where anyone outside of the faith will certainly feel unsettled as the music is singing them out loud, thus narrowing the group’s following. While there is nothing wrong with having a positive message behind lyrics within a faithful scope, special care is needed to make sure the lyrics deliver their meaning powerfully without overdoing it. Unfortunately, this album doesn’t do a very good job at this, and it winds up making the music itself hard to take pleasure in listening to for the said crowd. Overall, although the lyrics aren’t a complete train wreck, they do not seem to fare very well.

All in all, “One Voice for the Kingdom” is a solid power metal release. The musicianship, for starters, is well done, especially with the guitar work probably being the largest highlight in this regard and the album overall. The power metal tunes that the record conjures up, while being a little overdone in terms of epic tones here and there, along with being undeniably generic, are solidly packed and are nothing short of decent. Unfortunately, the weakest point of the album as a whole is the lyrics, which are so over-the-top in their religious messages that it becomes tedious and excessively preachy, negatively affecting the music itself. Despite this cumbersome flaw, however, the album overall is nonetheless enjoyable. Considering the band’s previous releases, old fans of the group will definitely take a liking to this follow-up record. Diehard power metal fans, old-school and modern alike, will also find at least something to enjoy in this pleasurable album, although people skeptical of the power metal genre most likely will not find much to admire here. Even so, “One Voice for the Kingdom” has truly managed to represent the return of a well-famed group rather strongly.

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