Off with My Heart

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Band Name Flashback Of Anger
Album Name Off with My Heart
Type Demo
Released date 2006
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleProgressive Power
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1. Time Can Answer
2. Off with My Heart
3. Splinters of Life

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Flashback Of Anger

Review @ MetalAngel

16 August 2006
Flashback of Anger is a young band from Firenze (Italy) which evolutes into a bit special power metal, which isn't, though, so original. Why is it so special? Because of the prog' side which covers all the three-tracks demo, prog' side being caracterized by the numerous breaks and the use of keys and samples, added to an unexpected face. Sometimes, the songs can remain of the new Angra or what has done Pagan's Mind cd, but also heavy with some almost thrash riffs. The voice is high and powerful. The piano lines at 2'15" gives some breath and bring some nice effect. And the keyboards parts underline the symphonic side of FoA. Then, the second track, "Off with My Heart", which is the title track of the demo-recording, is more calm and quiet : it's a very solennal ballad, and the "harp" parts gives a really fairytale colouration, but then, after 2 minutes of peaceful intro, all the instruments appear and the rythmic is getting speed. The guitars are explosive and virtuoso. This song could be a great hit on stage! This is also one of the longer song on this cd. It contains many parts we can locate between prog' rock metal and classic rock. Very pleasant composition!! And finally, the third song is the heavier one : thrashy enlightened both in riffs and intro vocals, which can go very high, as Timo Kotipelto does, the song quickly turns into a beautiful 'Angra-ien' mid-tempo and the arpeggios of guitars are more atmospherical than on the other songs. This longer song is probably the best for me...In conclusion, we have here a great band, which deserves to be known and supported by power prog' fans of all Europe! These guys are talented and are masters of their instruments. Quite simply impressive!

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