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Band Name Nuclear Vomit
Album Name Obora
Type Album
Released date 21 November 2008
Music StylePorno Gore Grind
Members owning this album9


1. Scream of Rotten Whore
2. Bestial Devastation
3. Torped's from Satan's Ass
4. Voicefetor
5. Analcephalus
6. Pathological Bestial Masturbation
7. Halucinagore Orgy
8. XXX Maniacs
9. Violence’s Slave
10. Obora
11. Poland-Catholand-Patholand
12. Gorefuck
13. Pornoland
14. Cold Turkey (Ahumado Granujo Cover)
15. Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover)
16. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus Cover)

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