No Kings, No Chains

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Band Name Aim For The Sunrise
Album Name No Kings, No Chains
Type Album
Released date 12 October 2012
Music StylePost Hardcore
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1. Rebirth
2. Not Then, Not Now, Not Ever
3. Begins. Falls. Rises
4. Golden
5. Breed
6. No Kings, No Chains
7. Grownless
8. Weaker
9. Among Wolves
10. Dead Ends
11. Wear the Crown

Comment @ matt350

31 December 2014


Aim for the sunrise started back in 2008 where they worked on their debut EP and released it a year later, and got mild acclaim with it. With this release they have ABSOLUTELY PERFECTED their sound and maturity.

The MAIN thing I want to talk about is the BREAKDOWNS, WOW - AMAZINGLY HEAVY and AMAZING ALTOGETHER. The last track Wear the Crown is the only non-heavy track, but still reaches out to touch your soul as a great soft track, with AMAZING clean vocals.

That is the second thing I want to talk about is the vocals. Anton and Daniels vocals are both SO GREAT. The clean vocals are harmonizing to your soul in their PERFECTION. And the screams are original and hardcore sounding which is a bit different but GREAT!

The band has made a GREAT name for themselves with this album, which is a top notch metalcore album, for new and old fans alike of the band. I definitely recommend this album to all fans of Metalcore/Post-Hardcore music or just fans of GREAT breakdowns.

NOTABLE TRACKS: Begins, Falls, Rises - Weaker - Among Wolves. 19/20

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