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Band Name Vader
Album Name Necropolis
Type Album
Released date 21 August 2009
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Hertz Studio
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album293


 Rise of the Undead
 Never Say My Name
 The Seal
 Dark Heart
 Summoning the Futura
 We Are the Horde
 When the Sun Drowns in Dark

 Black Metal (Venom Cover)
 Fight Fire with Fire (Metallica Cover)

Total playing time: 40:44

Comment @ KaosKeraunos

12 November 2009
It won't take you more than five seconds into 'Necropolis' to neatly identify this as Vader. Yup, that band that formed before Morbid Angel and still slay like an orc on a sugar high. The Vader Recipe has once again been flawlessly executed with this album with flesh mangling guitar hooks, solos that sound like Majin Buu in a mincer, and those triplet blast beats that don't really have name as far as I know.

As crushingly catchy this album is, and though the Vader Recipe is a winning recipe, I think the recipe will have to be adjusted. Depite the album's immaculate quality, it lacks innovation. The style is a winner, only we've heard it before in 'The Beast', 'De Profundis', and 'Litany' to highlight a few.

So, if a change is to be made, which musical elements will continue their crusade against the weakling gods, and which will be left to the ravenous undead hordes? Will the thrashy riffs be swopped for more modern riffing? Will the lyrics evolve? Might Peter start throwing some pig squeals into the mix?

Hopefully, the guitar sound and riffs will evolve, without the thrashy feel entirely dropped. Sure, the Slayanic thrash riffage is appropriate for certain themes, but should be more of an exception than a rule. The lyrics and imagery are fairly unimpressive and don't really seem to stick anywhere in your brain. Perhaps it's because there is no real vibe that they're trying to give out. As for the pig squealz, there's luckily no way in blistering hell they'll ever evolve that far :).

Without the strings of previous albums attached, 'Necropolis' is an awesome piece of work. Vader are and have always been a death metal force second to none, they just need to load in a different kind of ammunition before they 'Blast' again.


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hack - 14 November 2009: Yeah, I agree with you. A metalhead probably only needs about 3 albums by this band, because the music always sounds so similar. I usually listen to their live album.
KaosKeraunos - 17 November 2009: I dig their covers album (Future of the Past), but that also lacks a bit of flavour. They butchered 'We Are the League' and 'Outbreak of Evil' a bit too much. Check it out if you haven't already.
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