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Band Name Destroy (USA)
Album Name Necropolis
Type Album
Released date 1994
Music StyleCrust
Members owning this album4


1. Remote Control
2. Prey in School
3. Death Through Vanity I
4. Death Through Vanity II/Salvat
6. Burn Down the Mall
7. Crowd Control
8.God Squad ('94)
9. Death of a Generation
10. The Revolution Will Not Be Ana
12. War Without Mercy
13. Mcmlxvii
14. Misery
15. All-American Working Class Her
16. Dogfight
17. Sword of Damocles
18. War on Wankers '94
19. Stop Thinking and Follow
20. Laid to Waste
21. Another Religion Another War
22. Render unto Caesar
23. Chains of Torment
24. Redneck

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