Nativity in Black 2 - A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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Band Name Black Sabbath
Album Name Nativity in Black 2 - A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Type Tribute
Released date 2000
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album47


1. GODSMACK - Sweet Leaf
2. MACHINE HEAD - Hole in the Sky
3. STATIC-X - Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. MEGADETH - Never Say Die
5. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Snowblind
6. PANTERA - Electric Funeral
8. SLAYER - Hand of Doom
9. SOULFLY - Under the Sun
10. HED(PE) - Sabbra Cadabra
11. MONSTER MAGNET - Into the Void
12. BUSTA RHYMES - Iron Man (This Means War)

Comment @ vikingman369

19 March 2011


After a kick-ass cover album, featuring some of the best songs from the catalog of Black Sabbath, one could only conclude that this second part, released in 2000, would be just as good, right? Unfortunately, no.

I'm not exactly an elitist when it comes to metal, but seriously, some of the bands on here aren't exactly the best when it comes to covering these songs.
But let's save the shit for last and focus on where this album gets it right.

The opening track is kick-ass, despite what many say about Godsmack. So what if they're a modern metal band, who happened to have enjoyed the spotlight for a while? They're still kick-ass, and the riffage on this song, coupled with Sully Erna's growling, James-Hetfield-esque vocals are perfect. Sorry Sepultra-fans, but their cover is just a little boring, as is Megadeth's as well.

Once again, another modern metal band takes the cake for a good cover. This time its REAL nu metal act System of a Down. Well, its definitely faster than the original, that much is for certain. Serj Tankian's vocals also add a sense of humor to this coke-snorting anthem (every time I think of this song, I think of that scene from "The Last Supper", where Ozzy says to the audience..."Here's a song called Snowblind!" -sniff-). As for a guitar solo, well, that's nu metal for you.

In hind-sight, there probably were many other songs of the Sabbath catalog better suited for Pantera to cover, (Electric Funeral is a very simple song, with little to no room for show-casing the shredding talent of the late Dimebag Darrell), but they kicked ass with what they were given, and for that, I say its a damn fine song.

The next good cover on this album features the Prince of Darkness himself...and the insane, progressive and sometimes lunatic bass-skills of Les Claypool of Primus. They could not have picked a better Sabbath song for the bass-master to cover.

But wait...what's this? Track twelve is starting's a rap song? The insolence! (haha, just kidding). This is old skool rap, about loyalty, honor and vengeance, not slapping hoes, rolling in dough and sporting bling. The lyrics are deep as fuck, and the sampled song (Iron Man) sounds bad-ass as ever.

At least listen to the tracks, even "This Means War", just to see if you like them or not. The rest of the tracks are either really boring or just laughably terrible (-cough cough- Slayer's "Hand of Doom" -cough-).

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