Nativity in Black - A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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Band Name Black Sabbath
Album Name Nativity in Black - A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Type Tribute
Released date 1994
Music StyleHeavy Metal
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1. BIOHAZARD - After Forever
2. WHITE ZOMBIE - Children of the Grave
3. MEGADETH - Paranoïd
4. 1,000 HOMO DJ'S - Supernaut
6. C.O.C. - Lord of This World
7. SEPULTURA - Symptom of the Universe
9. BRUCE DICKINSON W/GODSPEED - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
11. FAITH NO MORE - War Pigs (Live)
12. TYPE O NEGATIVE - Black Sabbath
13. CATHEDRAL - Solitude

Comment @ vikingman369

19 March 2011

A tribute to the Ones That Started It All...

Before Dimmu Borgir was popular. Before Metallica ruled the world. Before "The Beast" rose from the sea. There was the One That Started it all. Not Snow White. Sabbath Black!

A collection of some of the greatest covers by some of the greatest bands of the 1990s, all of them from the one band they all loved and were influenced by: Black Sabbath.

Okay, high points...well, for certain, one cannot ignore White Zombie's "Children of the Grave", Megadeth's "Paranoid", Corrosion of Conformity's "Lord of this World", the super-group Bullring Brummies (basically Bill, Geezer, Rob Halford and several other musicians) version of "The Wizard" and the Prince of Darkness himself appearing with Therapy? to perform the classic "Iron Man." One really chillingly splendid cover has to be Type O Negative's "satanic" version of "Black Sabbath" - the one that started it all. Even Godspeed's doom-metal version of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", featuring Iron Maiden's front man, is a decent cover. Well, that was almost the entire album.

But what can I say? From Rob Zombie's growling, C.O.C.'s riffs, the mighty Halford singing, the Prince-of-fucking-Darkness, Godspeed's riffs of doom, the late Peter Steele's grim vocals and Dave Mustaine shredding on his guitar (and his drummer), this cover album really isn't that bad.

Most of the other tracks are either just a little good or not that interesting. But one last thing I have to say before closing. This album was the first time I had heard anything by Faith No More. And I've got to say...why do you love them so much? Why do you say they're so much better than Black Sabbath, or Ozzy Osbourne? I've got to admit, after hearing the singer "blah blah blah" his way through a whole verse of War Pigs ("Day of Judgment, God is calling"), something that even Ozzy Osbourne, high, drunk and doped up on "Just Say Ozzy", never did...well, I have no respect for this band anymore. Though it probably wasn't created at this time, and he was too "unknown" (and still is, to a degree) at the time, Bathory's cover of "War Pigs" would have been a far better addition to this album.

Overall, this is a good album (despite FNM). Enjoy

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