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Band Name I Killed The Prom Queen
Album Name Music for the Recently Deceased
Type Album
Released date 31 July 2006
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album70


 Sharks in Your Mouth
 Say Goodbye
 Your Shirt Would Look Better with a Columbian Neck-Tie
 The Deepest Sleep
 Bet It All on Black
 Headfirst from a Hangman's Noose
 Sleepless Nights and City Lights
 Slain Upon My Faithful Sword
 Like Nails to a Casket
 There Will Be No Violins When You Die

Total playing time: 42:00

Review @ miniradman

10 December 2010

Australian Metalcore At It's Best!

I Killed The Prom Queens second studio album Music for the Recently Deceased was released in July 2006 by Metal Blade Records and Stomp Entertainment. This album is of the Metalcore genre. I Killed The Prom Queen was one of the leading Metalcore bands coming out of Australia. This album is one of the best Metalcore albums I have ever heard, I features awesome breakdowns, great riffs and the vocals are amazing.

Music for the Recently Deceased is the album that put I Killed The Prom Queen in the spot light. There are many amazing tracks on this album by them and arguably their signature song, Say Goodbye. The tracks in this album feature some intense breakdowns, awesome guitar solos, one of the best vocals I have heard in a long time and just all out amazing. The distortion of the guitars sounds great as well. The recording quality of this album is also nice and crisp so there are no blemishes or unexpected rises in volume. As I said this album features some heavy breakdowns, they aren’t the slow type of breakdowns (commonly found in Deathcore) but it is the fast kind that sounds incredibly awesome but there are some very slow breakdowns. A great example of this would be in the song Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Colombian Neck Tie, it features both types of breakdowns. There is also a great guitar solo in that song as well.

I the vocals are great as well, music sounds very emotional due to the singers not sounding like he is yelling at you, even the dirty vocals don’t sound like they are screaming at you. Also the clean vocals aren’t half bad as well. I think that really lights this album up is the melody, the tunes which they blast sounds amazing and is better than many other Metalcore bands have achieved. That is what makes the song Say Good Bye their signature song, the melody is the best. This album in my eyes have achieved what it is suppose to do and that is to emotional, there are a few emotional tracks on this album but the most emotional is the musical at the end titled There Will Be No Violins When You Die. It is a great piece. I think that this album excels because even with all the breakdowns it would very heavy without the intention of being heavy, they don’t go all out with their music it is kept nice and quiet but still sounds fairly heavy.

There aren’t any significant problems with this album. Some things people may not like are the constant use of the same growls and screams the vocalist uses. Also the clean vocalist can sound a little bland at times and doesn’t really enthusiastic. I think this may be because of their attempt to make this album sound emotional, which they have achieved with flying colours. I think this is probably the only thing the listeners would be disappointed in, but other than that this album is seemingly perfect. If there were any other issues with this album I think it is easily overlooked.

I think this album is amazing and it is a shame that I Killed The Prom Queen broke up in 2008. They set the bar extremely high along with their counterpart Parkway Drive for the next generation of Metalcore/Deathcore bands that are trying to make it big. Overall this album is remarkable. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes Metalcore and especially to anyone who likes bands such as Parkway Drive. All Of the tracks are great but songs Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck-Tie and Say Goodbye are outstanding tracks, so I recommend those tracks to anyone who is new to this band or have not heard this album yet. Overall I give this album a 19/20.

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