Monoliths of Mars

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Band Name Lavagoat
Album Name Monoliths of Mars
Type EP
Released date 10 February 2012
Labels Self-Produced
Music StyleStoner Doom
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1. Forge of Vulcan
2. Planet of the Dead
3. Galactic Dementia
4. Monoliths of Mars

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Review @ GandhiEgo

21 June 2012

The chrysalis has finally opened up for Lavagoat!

In 20102, Lavagoat had impressed me, and not only me mind you. Their self-released eponymous album was fresh and chiseled with great tracks. I had at the time insisted on their close similarity with Cathedral. At this point, you probably could be a little perplexed with such a claim as Cathedral is not the band of a single genre, from Doom Death-like Forest of Equilibrium to more psyched-out stoner’ish late albums, the band encompasses many horizons. And so does Lavagoat.

Sometimes versed into strict Doom Death with guttural growls and menacing pachyderm guitars, sometimes more inhabited with a stoner weedy vibe. Two facets that compliment their music with a welcome and fresh duality as both versions of Lavagoat are equally graced with talent.

Monoliths of Mars is the right continuation of Lavagoat’s evolution. And even if the first track, Forge of Vulcan, still displays guttural vocals, the Doom Death has subsided to give in more room to the Stoner feel. Tracks get longer, they give way to more atmospheric parts and the allegory to Cathedral seems to be no longer adequate. It has somehow moved to something closer to the likes of Sons of Otis, Acid King and maybe even more to Acrimony, though in a slightly less groovy way.

Bands that age, tour (and I hear here and there that their live performances are quite good!) and grow up incorporate more and more elements into their music and finally give birth to their own characteristic sound. The chrysalis has finally opened up for Lavagoat and I think that this release will confirm their new orientation.

I’m only a (little) bit disappointed with very few things on this newest EP. Planet of the Dead, the third track, bears too close a resemblance to Magma, a track previously featured on the album. I’m also not a big fan of the longer last track, Monoliths of Mars, which, after a great start, falls into the meanders of the freaking long experimental track that leads to nowhere and which probably requires a shitload of weed to appreciate.

Those are only small disappointments because I honestly think that the biggest disappointment of them all is that this band is yet still unsigned. This is something I just can’t picture. True, Stoner Doom has become so hype lately that there’s probably too many bands out there for them to be all signed. But also true that there is also a great number of acts that should have stayed in their basement instead of polluting the scene. Lavagoat deserves a lot more recognition and until they get a decent record label, I can only advise you to contact them to get your own copy of Monoliths of Mars.

PS: after releasing this EP, the band has made their debut album available for legal download. Get to know them! It rocks!

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