Megaloi Theoi (Extended Version)

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Band Name The Krushers
Album Name Megaloi Theoi (Extended Version)
Type Compilation
Released date 2004
Music StyleDeath Thrash
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1. Hydrogen Robotz of Nuclear Hell
2. Thanatokraft
3. Fornication
4. Hordes
5. Venenum in Ostia
6. Mein Kommand
7. Thelema Ctonia
8. Thanathòs / Final Attack
9. Under the Guillottine (Kreator Cover)
10. Necrofilo
11. HPL
12. As Dead as Death
13. Forces of Torment
14. The Godz of the Atom's Starz
15. Totenkompf
16. Bythòs
17. Radiation Sickness (Nuclear Assault Cover)

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