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Band Name I Shit On Your Face
Album Name Lymphatic Phlegm - I Shit On Your Face
Type Split
Released date December 2008
Music StyleDeath Grind
Members owning this album5


"Threshold To Pathology - The Short Cuts Collection"
1. Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)
2. "Cadaver Keep" The Body Cooling Unit
3. Dee-nur Vs. Prosector: Whole Autopsy Involed Pathologist's Assistants
4. "Rokitansky's" Method - Efficient Organ Removal Display
5. The "Running The Gut" Autopsy Chore
6. Chronic Insufficiency Of The Adenohypophysis - Dependent Endocrine Glands
7. (TCT) The Coroner's Toolkit
8. Grim Medico-legal Occurrences Of Great Interest To The Forensic Experts
9. Pyonecrotic Disruption Of Festering Cancrella (The Reeking Episode Of A Decayed Genitalia)
10. Swallowed, Undigested & Regurgitated: Putrescent Disgorgement Of Septic Chyme
11. An Ever-shrinking Part Of A Pathologist's Workload
"Entangled By A Toilet's Content"
12. Rectal Rising (The Verminal Volcano)
13. Customized Corpse Collector
14. Shitting Sculptures
15. Entangled By A Toilet's Content

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I Shit On Your Face

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