Defecation Domination

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Band Name I Shit On Your Face
Album Name Defecation Domination
Type Album
Released date 2013
Music StyleDeath Grind
Members owning this album3


1. From Colon, Faece Comes
2. The Blowout of a Billion Bowels
3. Enjoy Exquisite Evacuated Entrails
4. Dead, Dickless and Defecated Dirtbag
5. Doped with Dung
6. Defecation Domination
7. Pissed off and Pissing at
8. Tasteful Tushy Treatments
9. Scattered and Scrambled
10. Excremental Embalmment
11. Disgorge That Defecation
12. Pregnant in Purulence
13. Sinking Their Souls in the Slime of Sickness (the Impassible Seas of Manure Remain)
14. Feculent Fistula to Feast on and Fuck Forever ...
15. Rejoiced in a Restroom

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I Shit On Your Face

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