Lord of Woe

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Band Name Make Them Suffer
Album Name Lord of Woe
Type EP
Released date 25 September 2010
Labels Self-Produced
Music StyleSymphonic Death
Members owning this album23


1. Summoning Storms 04:59
2. Lord of Woe 05:02
3. The Eternal Cold 04:03
4. Affliction of the Dead 03:34
5. Weeping Wastelands 06:53
Total playing time 24:31

Review @ SeasonsMist

19 February 2013

Good Symphonic Deathcore

So Make Them Suffer has been making quite the name for themselves along with Thy Art is Murder and Signal the Firing Squad, all Australian bands. I was expecting Make Them Suffer to sound a lot like these bands, but the big difference is that Make Them Suffer has symphonic keyboard and organ throughout this entire release. The overall musicianship is pretty great, from the incessantly blasting drummer and the Djenty guitar work. All the elements manage to keep the mix pretty interesting throughout, and there were only a few parts where I had to see how much longer the song had left. Overall a very solid release, and a great cornerstone of the Neverbloom album. The standout tracks are definitely "Summoning Storms" for the cool intro and "Weeping Wastelands" for the crazy mix throughout.

The vocals here are well done, I especially love the high screams. They almost have a nasally sound to them, and the way they're drawn out with the keyboard is awesome. The only negative is that the deep growls sound overproduced. Nonetheless, the vocals here are very good and sound kind of like an evil version of "Guardians" by The Crimson Armada. Vocals are above average and well done.

The guitar work displayed throughout this album is pretty interesting throughout, and the only place we have the annoying open string playing is during the breakdowns, which themselves are pretty cool, because most of them I hadn't heard before. In the choruses where the high screams mingle with the keyboard, the guitar work is melodic though hard to hear over the drums and down tuning. I wish they'd used an effects pedal to make these brief but substantial parts more audible. Not complaining though, as this album is not generic save for the bass player, but its Deathcore, what'd you expect? On an interesting note, the breakdown at the end of "Weeping Wastelands" sounds exactly like the intro of "Laceration Penetration" by Thy Art s Murder. Freaking sick. Guitar work is exceptional here.

Let's get to the drummer. These Australian Deathcore drummers all seem to have some pretty great skills, as I never get bored of the drums to Thy Art is Murder and Signal the Firing Squad. The drum work here is moderately structured, the majority being blast beats, but there are interesting fills and some of the breakdowns get crazy, so you know he has talent. The drum work is very well tuned and the snare sounds crisp, not too overpowering for the rest of the music. Drums are also exceptional.

Overall a very solid and sick symphonic release. I am always a little biased towards symphonic/gothic style but even without, this album would still be a standout compared to the vast masses of generic bands coming out of the woodwork. The only thing I'd say about this album to improve would be more experimentation on the keyboardists part. Don't get me wrong, the work is awesome, but it seems to be limited to piano/organ and not any violin or other things. Still, this is an awesome release and I'm sure "Neverbloom" will be amazing when I finally hear it. I would easily recommend this. 16/20.


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Crinn - 19 February 2013: this band is so fucking refreshing. One of the better and more unique deathcore bands out there. this is a band for the people that hate the majority of deathcore.
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