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Band Name Mirror Of Dead Faces
Album Name Lamentation
Type Album
Released date 26 September 2008
Produced by Christopher Eck
Recorded at Eck's Studio
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album8


 The Beginning of Sorrows
 A Cripple Within
 The Horde of Swine
 This Is My Curse
 Gauntlet of the Will
 The Suffering
 Bringer of Peace and Lord of War
 Plague of Sheol

Total playing time: 31:29

Review @ miniradman

05 November 2010
Lamentation is Mirror Of Dead Face’s debut album and is of the Deathcore genre. This album was released in September 2008. Firstly I really like this band, this band I think has a lot of potential of being one of the mainstream bands around.

Firstly I discovered this is an amazing album. I think Mirror Of Dead Faces is a very unknown band and they go above and beyond a lot of other mainstream Deathcore bands. The music on this album is very tight and technical. I think that they should make another sub genre called Technical Deathcore for bands like this. If The Black Dahlia Murder was a Technical Deathcore band you would get Mirror Of Dead Faces. The Vocals are similar the only thing that is different about the two bands is the music itself. Mirror Of Dead Faces Focuses more on speed and technicality and has certainly done well there. As soon you listen to this album you will know that this band means business. This album is the best blast beats I have ever heard from a Deathcore band. I think it is the drumming that really makes this album, It stands out so much compared to other bands. This band not only plays very fast, the music is also emotional in some ways which I think that a lot of other Deathcore bands fail to achieve at. The standout track on this album is easily the song This Is My Curse, it incorporates everything I have said about this album into a nice little package.

There are a few downsides to this album though. They have focused so much on speed that they have completely forgotten the breakdowns which a lot of metal heads tend to expect from Deathcore. Also most of the songs in this album seem to be in monotone they only change their tune 3/4 or four time throughout that song. This means it can get boring, this doesn’t matter with the song This Is My Curse because that song is only short. Also there are only 9 tracks on this album. This is way too short and leaves the crowd hanging until their next release (not a big crowd at the moment).

Overall this album is actually very impressive and the sheer speed and technicality of some songs covers that fact that they have left out some of the vital elements of Deathcore in this album. I have to admit though the blast beats are amazing and the best I have heard in a while. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes Deathcore, Death Metal and even people who like Speed Thrash. I would also recommend the song This Is My Curse to any new listeners. Overall I give Lamentation a 16/20.

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