Inside a View

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Band Name Mairin
Album Name Inside a View
Type EP
Released date 2011
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleProgressive Metal
Members owning this album1


1. Mayfly
2. Noonlight
3. Inside a View
4. Violet

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Review @ Nastasia

21 September 2011

An insight into how a proper EP should sound like

Do you ever feel like you need to relax while listening to something that isn’t disturbingly over energetic yet lively enough? Are you over listened to Opeth but feel like progressive metal is right for you? Mairin’s release Inside a View brings a very fresh breeze and makes one believe that there are still bands that can create a well balanced piece of work.

One doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to create an engaging poetry, and if you are able to accompany it by music that doesn’t capture, but rather enrapture the listener, the work which can be shamelessly called a piece of art is instantly created. And one can be sure that only four songs, actually four long songs as it is typical for the genre, are enough to persuade anyone that the band has a lot to give.

Even the most rough and shouting parts are mild enough and strike you with the complexity and not loudness. That is probably the most amazing thing about this EP – there is no need to overdo anything to persuade someone that you have what it takes to dazzle. Of course there are parts which can be done better but for a first release this is almost too good.

What can attract as well as repulse some people is the way the drums go to the foreground and the vocals seem to be behind the melody, which is more or less the main portion of the compositions. That all, accompanied by dreamy female vocals, creates an illusion of acoustic mist. For all of those who are used to hear the vocals as the main aspect of the music this can be a little hard to swallow but if you give it a chance, this music can have almost psychedelic effect on the listener. There are some wake up calls and heavy passages though, but they do not appear disturbing at all.

It is normal that music like this doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea, but not even admitting that this is an enchanting release would be sin against a good taste. Inside a View really gives you an insight into how a proper EP should sound like – entertaining enough as well as appealing on sensuality. Give it a chance and you will not regret anything but doing it even before.

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