Insanity Relapse

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Band Name Neuronia
Album Name Insanity Relapse
Type EP
Released date June 2012
Music StyleHeavy Death
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1. Alone in the Dark
2. 3/33 AM
3. Kick the Fuckers Out
4. Moon Over Providence

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Review @ GandhiEgo

04 September 2012

Melody over Providence

You have to praise Robert from WM Pyscho in Poland to be so persistent. A great fan of everything melodic in Metal, be it in the more extreme scenes of Black Metal or Death Metal or in other avenues like Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal. Even though sometimes I may not agree with some of his choices, I have to concede that the man lives up to his legend and signs bands that he really likes not thinking if it’s going to be a major hit or if it follows the latest trends in Metal. Thanks to Robert, I've had the pleasure to discover bands like Neolith or Ethelyn, among others and I'd rather insist on the better bands signed at WM Psycho than the ones that didn’t do it for me.

Neuronia is yet another perfect exemple of Robert’s musical orientations. You won’t find here the most extreme Black Metal or the most brutal and dissonant Death Metal band. The Warsaw-based band plays some kind of Melodeath with many many incursions into Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal. Neuronia’s vocals are rather versatile: there are some harsh ones leaning closer to the Death Metal spectrum but most are Heavy/Thrash orientated. Meaning sometimes you get some epic edge a la Candlemass and sometimes something a bit rawer a la James Hetfield (Black Album).

The variety in singing can also be found in the music which sometimes is more reminiscent of Speed Metal anthems (Kick the Fuckers Out) but sometimes lean more towards Heavy Metal. The production is powerful and though it does indeed sound modern, it never sounds dull or over-produced and each and every instrument gets a fair piece of the cake.

Insanitty Release is the perfect release to get acquainted with the band. Its short length will keep you focused at all times and the songwriting quality will please fans of any Metal genre which focuses on melody rather than technicality or brutality. To top this already appetizing cake, let’s just say that lyrcis deal mainly with Lovecraftian themes and with the self-explanatory last track “Moon over Providence” (Providence being Lovecraft’s hometown) and its incantations shout at the sky, there will be no more doubts about it. It’s nice to see that something actually Lovecraftian doesn’t have to be a gurgling putrid mass of abomination like Portal or Fungoid Stream (even though I love these two bands) but can also be expressed in a much more epic way.

Definitely a nice little recording to discover a band with a lot of potential.

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