In Death We Trust

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Band Name In Vain (ESP)
Album Name In Death We Trust
Type Album
Released date 31 July 2012
Music StyleHeavy Metal
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 The Skies Are Burning
 War Machine
 Sons of Truth
 In Death We Trust
 Into the Abyss I
 Ghost Gallery
 Into the Abyss II
 Sun Hunters
 Through Hell to Paradise
 Far from Home

Total playing time: 43:01

Review @ martinsane

14 March 2013

Through Hell To Paradise. Such a great great song...

Upon receipt of the newest release from In Vain I was both impressed with the quality of this self released product, pro level, full color artwork with many pages of lyrics and quality photo's, very professional. The artwork from the cover led me initially to believe In Vain to be more of a death metal band with the title, "In Death We Trust" and the apocalyptic "Eddie" soldier wading in a see of skulls and bodies on the cover, but to my sheer joy and surprise the music is pure hard rock with some heavy metal and thrash metal overtones! Quite melodic and superbly performed. The musicianship here is not to be taken lightly. Very melodic heavy metal hard rock guitar playing in line with the likes of early Megadeth and other similar thrash metal bands, yet In Vain incorporated many tempo changes and a good dose of keyboards, not too much like so many of todays modern "epic metal" bands are doing, but well played and nicely incorporated into these metal gems to not take away from the point here that In Vain is metal band.

When listening to In Vain I can hear many many quality influences in their style. Pending on which track you are listening to you will be reminded of or hear influences by Dream Theatre, Slayer, Metallica, Overkill, Pantera and many other genres thrash and heavy metal pioneers. For me aside from the musical menagerie of metal hit amkers mentioned prior, In Vains vocalist and guitarist Daniel Cordon reminds me of Spread Eagle vocalist Ray West. With the his raspy, sleeze fueled angst belting out such verses as "The morning came worse than the night." from Ghost Galley or "Here we are the cowboys of destruction." from the Cowboys From Hell influences Sun Hunters. Which also incorporates some tasty slide guitar work and a main riff that will instantly induce head bobbing and toe tapping. Seriously think CFH and you are in for a treat. Another favorite is the mid tempo "ballad", Through Hell To Paradise. Such a great great song, very moving musically and lyrically and here you will hear the raw emotion in Daniels vocals. This song reminds me of The Eagle Has Landed by Saxon. This is a first rate song and if it were up to me would be the song for the band as far as representing their style and would be the albums "single".

In Vain as a whole is a very talented and exciting group of technically impressive musicians, playing an excellent mix of hard rock and heavy metal music with an impressive array of melodic overtones and keys to make many fans of many genres take notice, enjoy and want for more. I know I am a now a fan and i must infill the bands back catalogue to see where the band came from and see how they have progressed into this force to be recond with. In Vain-In Death We Trust, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Nicely done and please continue to fuel the metal fire.

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