Ignited !

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Band Name Breno Teixeira Trio
Album Name Ignited !
Type Album
Released date 2009
Music StyleHeavy Rock
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1. Paranoia
2. Burning Fat
3. Bad Robots
4. Double Talking Head
5. Zombie's Night Walk
6. Roll the Dice
7. Wrecked
8. Anthem for Distortion Lovers

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Breno Teixeira Trio

Review @ Onni

07 July 2009
Some bands try to develop new dimensions in the music (another question how much do they succeed...). Other bands try to keep the good old styles. The Brazilian trio is obviously following the second philosophy: it’s a nice instrumental hard’n’heavy (or you can say rock with the distorted guitar which gives also a shade of hard’n’heavy) in veins of old Steve Vai and other guitar gurus. As it’s the band of the guitarist, you clearly can hear that he is a leader here: her majesty guitar and only guitar plays everything worth attention here. Drums and bass-guitar are just for the background and they are too eventless and monotone. Although sometimes the bass-guitar has some own lines, both bass and drums are just working for the guitar. And it doesn’t work enough well.
The sound is not enough good for enjoying this opus for long time. 8 songs, every one is longer than 4 minutes (“Bad Robots” is almost 7 minutes!) – you can agree that it’s quite solid length for the instrumental music. Maybe it’s a risk to release such an album, as many prefer music with vocals and lyrics, but for those who love rock guitar and its many-sided sound this album will be a nice piece. I’m just convinced that instrumental music should have a brilliant production, so the audience could listen to the album for over than 40 minutes and not get bored. This is not the case of BT3. And also here the most of the music goes in the same tempo, with the insignificant changes, trivial breaks, passages, although every song is well-composed and appears as one whole piece, very smooth and natural. This is a kind of the music “just for professionals”, in other words – for musicians: endless guitar solos and riffs, one can hear something useful for himself. 
Yes, Breno Teixeira plays really good, his technique is praisable and he may be a perfect teacher (as it’s written that he has started teaching at the age of 17). Yes, he has played on the same stage with Joe Satriani. But come on, it’s not enough to release a fair album for a wide audience. It should contain something more than just perfect guitar playing, especially with the average production.

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