Human Remains

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Band Name Hell (UK)
Album Name Human Remains
Type Album
Released date 13 May 2011
Labels Nuclear Blast
Produced by Andy Sneap
Recorded at Backstage Studios
Music StyleNWOBHM
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1. Overture / Themes from Death Squad 01:14
2. On Earth As It Is in Hell 05:09
3. Plague and Fire 05:09
4. The Oppressors (Rage Against Time Cover) 05:53
5. Blasphemy and the Master 08:11
6. Let Battle Commence 04:23
7. The Devil's Deadly Weapon 10:14
8. The Quest 04:21
9. Macbeth 07:21
10. Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us 05:05
11. No Martyr's Cage 09:00
Bonustracks (Digipack Edition)
12. Deathsquad (Full Lenght) 04:48
13. On Earth As It Is in Hell 05:16
14. Plague and Fyre 04:40
15. The Oppressors 06:15
16. Blasphemy and the Master 07:10
17. Let Battle Commence 04:29
18. The Devil's Deadly Weapon 08:38
19. The Quest 03:49
20. Macbeth 07:34
21. Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us 03:47
22. No Martyr's Cage 06:54
Total playing time 1:06:00

Review @ Dr.Feelgood

12 August 2011

The Flame Still Burns

Back to the middle to the early ‘80s there was a boy, who as a teenager began showing his love to heavy metal and one his beloved bands was Hell, a band from Nottingham of England which released only some Demos and when they were ready for their first full – length, their label went bankrupt and everything annihilated for them, they stopped everything. 25 years later that boy decided that his beloved band should do the big step, Andy Sneap one of the best producers the last years helped Hell to release their debut Human Remains by doing the production of the album and by being the second guitar player.

I must tell you from the beginning that this album is the best at its kind as it combines N.W.O.B.H.M. with the theatricality, something that we see rarely in metal albums, but the bet is if it will gain the respect and the acceptance of the fans. Well without hesitation it will, because Andy did all his best in the production of it and all the songs not only do not heard like old fashioned, but also the modern sound which comes out from it makes it better than we would expect.

Eleven songs in here and none of them makes you get bored, even these which last more than seven minutes grab you to listen every second of them and in the end you like it, listen to “Blasphemy and the master” how it begins and the sudden powerful riff. How many times have you heard something like that? Honestly, the work on guitars could not be greater, from the one side in “The quest” we have the double guitar attack and a melodic rhythm section after this addictive and memorable chorus and from the other side in “On earth as it is in Hell” and “Let battle commence” we have magic alternations between Andy and Kev that you love them more and more every time you are listening to this album.

Of course the magic of this album would not have been reached if it had not been this unique voice of David Bower, no he is not the original one, Dave Halliday did himself in, but David sings differently from many others and he gives the right tone on the theatricality of their music. Their live shows will be unforgettable. Also, Kev Bower has played all the keyboards too apart from his guitar parts and if you listen to “Plague and fire” or “Macbeth”, you will see that Hell are not like the usual N.W.O.B.H.M. bands.

Affects? What affects are you talking about? Hell are masters on their kind, their age is almost the same to Saxon and believe me that if Human Remains had been released in 1983 then this band and this album would be the affect for many power and thrash metal bands and I do not exaggerate. Besides the most songs in the album come from the Demos of the band.

Well I know only one thing about this album, that there will be many days or months till I stop listening to it, and something last, Human Remains is the best album at its kind in the last ten years, you think that I am crazy? Ok go and listen to it and you will see…

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