Hellbound and Heartless

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Band Name Vampires Everywhere
Album Name Hellbound and Heartless
Type Album
Released date 19 June 2012
Music StylePost Hardcore
Members owning this album10


Released when the band's name was VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
1. I: Hellbound 01:00
2. I Can't Breathe 03:50
3. Beauty Queen 03:00
4. Drug of Choice 04:01
5. II: The Inferno 00:21
6. Star of 666 03:34
7. Kiss of Death 03:19
8. Rape Me (Nirvana Cover) 02:57
9. Plastic 02:51
10. III: The 7th Gate 00:45
11. Unholy Eyes 03:24
12. Social Suicide 03:36
13. IV: Born Individual 00:34
14. Anti-Hate 03:06
15. Hell on Earth 03:34
16. Amanda's Song 04:15
Total playing time 44:07
iTunes Bonus Track
17. Generic Disease 03:16
Total playing time 47:23

Review @ hailmonster

15 July 2012

...avoid this album at all costs.

Oh, where do I begin? You know, I'm just going to keep this review short and to the point, as I don't want to dwell on this album any more than necessary. Vampires Everywhere! started off pretty boring, unoriginal, and fake. On Kiss the Sun Goodbye, their first full-length album, Vampires Everywhere! tried to grab the spotlight by ripping off the sound of talented bands such as Escape The Fate, Modern Day Escape, and Black Veil Brides. And it was boring. And it was unoriginal. And it was fake. And it was obviously more of an attempt to gain fame rather than an attempt at musical expression. It seemed Vampires Everywhere! would be forgotten fast, and hopefully disband in due time. But no, it got so much worse, so fast.

On Hellbound and Heartless, Vampires Everywhere! have found others to copy in hopes of recognition. The album finds them re-arranging elements of Marilyn Manson and Deathstars in such a sickening up-front way. No joke, listen to 'Kiss Of Death' and tell me that shit doesn't sound familiar.

As a huge Marilyn Manson fan, I'm a wee bit disgusted by the relentlessness of this band's desire to give shock-rock ideals a bad name. There's actually a short interlude track on the release titled 'III: The 7th Gate', which as I misread as, fittingly, 'The 7th Grade'. The funny thing about that is, I can tell this is a band that will excite middle school scene kids who view the ideas of white-out contacts and makeup to be legitimate substitutions for actual talent and creativity. But it's also sad. Sad that anyone could fall for this "industrial metal" garbage. Honestly, 4 out of 20 is pretty damn generous.

There are a few moments on this album that are slightly entertaining, such as sections of the opener 'I Can't Breathe', and I stress the word 'slightly'. However, the small bits of material that aren't absolutely terrible aren't worth it whatsoever. I urge you, if you can, avoid this album at all costs. When Vampires Everywhere! take the time to stop jumping from sound to sound in a pathetic striving to copy successful outfits and gain fame, write something original and enjoyable, and become real musicians as opposed to attention-whores with eyeliner, I'll start listening. Until then, they will get no respect from me.


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Crinn - 25 July 2012: I don't know about this album..but I do remember seeing them open for BVB and getting Booed off the stage...it was one of the most atrocious live performances I had ever witnessed...and on a side note, i'm not a dr. acula fan Dx
CLucker666 - 26 July 2012: well imo bvb sucks hard also >.<
Crinn - 26 July 2012: I like them lol, but BVB fans booing Vampires Everywhere off the stage? Holy shit hahaha
CLucker666 - 26 July 2012: Damn that's pretty sad lol
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